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Learn How to Use Google Analytics 4

  • Sophie Ho

Switched over to GA4 but still figuring out how to use it to its fullest potential? News Revenue Hub hosted a live walk-through and Q&A session. They covered the new features, differences in metrics compared to Universal Analytics, and demonstrated common questions such as how to find traffic for a story and top referrers. This webinar is designed for beginners and focuses on building a basic understanding of how Google...

A Practical Newsroom Guide to Artificial Intelligence

  • Adriana Lacy
  • Hank Sims
  • Joe Amditis
  • Ernest Kung
  • Moderated by Aimee Rinehart

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly emerging as a disruptive technology worldwide. With the advent of a variety of AI tools like...

Resilience in Combating Misinformation

  • Joy Mayer
  • Norbert Schwarz
  • Gabriella Stern
  • Moderated by Meena Thiruvengadam

Journalists today face disinformation and misinformation challenges as well as the simultaneous eroding of public trust in institutions....

Reader Engagement and Analytics

ONA22 Newsletters as Product and Journalism

Newsletters as Product and Journalism

  • Tess Jeffers
  • Robin Kwong
  • Leigh Kamping-Carder

Newsletters are undergoing a renaissance in popularity, but managing a newsletter team successfully remains a challenge for news organizations amid competition from independent...

ONA22 Syndication Without Tears: Best Practices in a Distributed World

Syndication Without Tears: Best Practices in a Distributed World

  • Bernie Davis
  • Isaac Teich
  • Ian Kennedy
  • Emily Brown

In a post-social world, reaching new readers on news platforms is an essential tool for growing audience and revenue. This archived session from ONA22 utilizes real-world...

ONA22 Clips or It Didn't Happen

Clips or It Didn’t Happen — Delivering the News with Viral Video

  • Aaron Rupar
  • Moderated by Rakesh Agrawal

Increasingly, members of the public are consuming news by engaging with video clips shared online. Video clips provide visual proof of what is happening and, when shared online,...

Featured Conference Sessions


Journalism in the Climate Change Era with Gina McCarthy

  • Gina McCarthy
  • Moderated by Mark Schleifstein

Climate change presents enormous public policy challenges worldwide, but in few places are its effects so immediate and acute as the ONA19 host city, New Orleans. Join former EPA...


Platform Partnership Roundup for Local News

  • Josh Mabry
  • Amy Adams Harding
  • Gary Roundtree
  • Moderated by Amalie Nash

Major tech platforms have announced partnerships, funding and other opportunities for local news at a dizzying pace over the past year. In this session, we’ll clarify which...


Strategies for Dealing With An Incoherent National Gun Conversation

  • Akoto Ofori-Atta
  • Lori Shontz
  • March for Our Lives
  • Moderated by Versha Sharma

Our national conversation on gun culture is an ever-shifting kaleidoscope touching on suicide, handgun violence and mass shootings. By sharing their perspectives on what we get...

ONA22 Finding, Mining and Exploiting Data

Finding, Mining and Exploiting Data

  • Denise Vickers
  • Brandon Meyer
  • Gavin Off

The archived session from ONA22 covers beginner-friendly tactics to obtain data through mining and creative requests and will offer ideas about how reporters, including those...


Telling Climate Change Stories That Matter: From Impacts to Solutions

Climate change is the biggest and most under-reported story of our time. It affects our health, safety, and wallets, but most people are unaware of the connections. We discuss...


Reporting On Immigration In The Age of Polarization and Misinformation

  • Jose Vargas
  • Peter Perl
  • Ethan Zuckerman

Reporting on immigration with accuracy and empathy has always been difficult, a long-term challenge exacerbated by the mendacity and unpredictability of the Trump-era. Join Define...

Culture and Career

ONA22 Equity in Publishing: Black Publishers Session

Equity in Publishing: Black Publishers Session

  • Sara Lomax-Reese
  • Garry Pierre-Pierre
  • Andrew Ramsammy
  • Janis Ware

This archived session from ONA22 discusses the unique challenges that Black publishers face and identify ways to address them. Publishers from a wide array of outlets share their...

ONA22 Opportunities for Winning Gen Z and Millennial Audiences

Opportunities for Winning Gen Z and Millennial Audiences

  • Najja Parker
  • Allison Shirk
  • Felicia Mello
  • Mary Kelli Palka
  • Moderated by Elite Truong

What do news consumers ages 16 to 40 want? The news habits and attitudes of this age group show opportunities for news organizations to expand and diversify their audiences. A...


Building a Culture of Inclusion

  • Alan Ramos
  • Namrata Suri
  • Lucy Feldman
  • Moderated by Sue Suh

Leaders at TIME have collaborated with passionate employees to cultivate an organizational culture built upon trust, integrity, inclusion and respect. Hear from Sue Suh,...

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Learn How to Use Google Analytics 4

  • Sophie Ho

Switched over to GA4 but still figuring out how to use it to its fullest potential? News Revenue Hub hosted a live walk-through and Q&A session. They covered the new features,...


From Statehouse to Newsroom: The Role Public Policy Can Play in Rebuilding Local News

Efforts in many states across the U.S. to advance legislation to counter the collapse of local news are on the rise. Learn about the various types of legislation being proposed...


Powering Trusted News with AI: Navigating the Present and Shaping the Future

AI has arrived and will need to be adopted by newsrooms swiftly to keep up with audiences ever growing expectations when it comes to technology. There are many advantages of AI in...


State of Affairs: The Impact of State-Level Investigative Journalism

While some news organizations are pulling back on state-level journalism, these Collier Prize award-winning investigations demonstrate the impact of covering state government....


The Transformative Impact of BIPOC Media Collaborations: How to Build True Power and Sustainability for Black and Brown Communities

  • S. Mitra Kalita
  • Sara Lomax-Reese
  • Moderated by Karen Rundlet

Discover how URL Media partnerships wield transformative power, fostering genuine empowerment and lasting resilience within Black and Brown communities. Explore strategies for...

Do’s and Don’t’s When Working with Whistleblowers in the Digital Age

  • Moderated by Duc Luu

As online news evolves to offer deeper investigations for broader audiences, digital journalists seek sources to help them hold power to account. Whether working in Big Tech,...


How to Think Like a Change Agent: Building Your Skills to Spur Innovation with a Journalism Fellowship

  • Moderated by Lynette Clemetson

Our industry needs the next change agents to handle our biggest challenges and spur innovation, but sometimes the relentless news cycle can drain even the most talented...


A Roundtable Discussion on the Latest in AI Innovation

  • Matt Masterson
  • Evan Young
  • Liz Danzico

  In September 2023, ONA hosted a redux of the popular ONA23: Philadelphia session, A Roundtable Discussion on the Latest in AI Innovation. Microsoft’s Liz Danzico and Matt...

ONA23 Screenshot from presentation featuring speaker Etan Horowitz and slide labeled "Pinpoint" with illustrations symbolizing marked-up data

Extract Structured Data with Google Pinpoint

  • Etan Horowitz

Learn more about the newest feature of Pinpoint, a tool that uses the best of AI and Search technology to help journalists easily go through large amounts of documents, audio...

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