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One Size Does NOT Fit All

  • Imaeyen Ibanga
  • Beena Raghavendran
  • George Stanley
  • Moderated by Ashley Alvarado

For the first time in history, there are five generations in the workplace. This impact is more pronounced in journalism as resources shrink and organizational hierarchy flattens. What kinds of challenges does this present for today’s newsroom? How do generational workforce differences affect our ability to manage people effectively? And what are the traits, beliefs, and life experiences that mark each generation, influencing...


New Google Tools for Journalists

  • Moderated by Mary Nahorniak

Learn about some of Google’s new tools for journalists, including Pinpoint, to help with audio transcription and analyzing large...


Building Live Journalism for Digital and In-Person Audiences

  • Kim Last
  • Ellie Austin
  • Michelle Ma
  • Emily Prapuolenis

Join editors from The Wall Street Journal’s live journalism team for an inside look at developing engaging, newsmaking live events for...

Reader Engagement and Analytics


Design Once, Publish Everywhere: How to Accelerate and Elevate Your Newsletters, Social Media, Video and More

  • Jonathan Harley
  • Ronny Hermosa
  • Danielle Woodward

Change is the only certainty in this news environment. Every day you must meet the news moment with speed, ease and creativity, all while driving deeper audience engagement. Cue,...


#TwitterForNews: Beyond 280 Characters

  • Eric Zuckerman
  • Tony Haile
  • Felecia Wellington
  • Matt Adams

Join us to hear about the latest tools and features Twitter is building to help journalists and publishers grow, monetize and engage their audience. Learn about Twitter’s...


Editorial Experiments to Develop and Refine Your Digital Audience Strategy

  • Everdeen Mason

Content creation and audience strategy should go hand in hand, but in many newsrooms, audience has an afterthought when deciding what stories to pursue and how to pursue them....

Featured Conference Sessions


Journalism in the Climate Change Era with Gina McCarthy

  • Gina McCarthy
  • Moderated by Mark Schleifstein

Climate change presents enormous public policy challenges worldwide, but in few places are its effects so immediate and acute as the ONA19 host city, New Orleans. Join former EPA...


Platform Partnership Roundup for Local News

  • Josh Mabry
  • Amy Adams Harding
  • Gary Roundtree
  • Moderated by Amalie Nash

Major tech platforms have announced partnerships, funding and other opportunities for local news at a dizzying pace over the past year. In this session, we’ll clarify which...


Strategies for Dealing With An Incoherent National Gun Conversation

  • Akoto Ofori-Atta
  • Lori Shontz
  • March for Our Lives
  • Moderated by Versha Sharma

Our national conversation on gun culture is an ever-shifting kaleidoscope touching on suicide, handgun violence and mass shootings. By sharing their perspectives on what we get...


Telling Climate Change Stories That Matter: From Impacts to Solutions

Climate change is the biggest and most under-reported story of our time. It affects our health, safety, and wallets, but most people are unaware of the connections. We discuss...


Reporting On Immigration In The Age of Polarization and Misinformation

  • Jose Vargas
  • Peter Perl
  • Ethan Zuckerman

Reporting on immigration with accuracy and empathy has always been difficult, a long-term challenge exacerbated by the mendacity and unpredictability of the Trump-era. Join Define...


Digital Forensics: Using Social and Online Tools to Find Great Stories

  • Jane Lytvynenko
  • Ashley Feinberg
  • Malachy Browne
  • Moderated by Michelle Baruchman

Notable figures, like all of us, exhibit specific, personalized behavior online, creating internet footprints visible to anyone via ethical and public digital sleuthing. Join this...

Culture and Career


Building a Culture of Inclusion

  • Alan Ramos
  • Namrata Suri
  • Lucy Feldman
  • Moderated by Sue Suh

Leaders at TIME have collaborated with passionate employees to cultivate an organizational culture built upon trust, integrity, inclusion and respect. Hear from Sue Suh,...


Are You Having a Journalism Midlife Crisis?

  • Kim Fox
  • Sharon Chan
  • Paul Cheung

Want to cheat on journalism? Quit your job and escape the daily content grind? Feel like you have no control over your career? You might be having a midlife crisis with...


Motherhood: Living It in Newsrooms, Covering It in the World

  • Katherine Goldstein

Motherhood is too often dismissed as a fluffy topic for lifestyle pages, rather than one in dire need of serious reporting on its intersections with healthcare, economics, public...

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Staying Ahead of the Curve: Top Trends Influencing the Digital Publishing Industry

While most publishers rate subscriptions as their number one priority in 2022, it is critical for newsrooms to think beyond the traditional models to attract and retain their...

Episode 8: Cell Phone Hygiene

Digital Safety Snacks Series: Cell Phone Hygiene (You going to call your mother with that phone?)

  • Viktorya Vilk
  • Harlo Holmes

Episode 8: Cell Phone Hygiene (You going to call your mother with that phone?) Long ago, in a land far away, we used to have home phones and office phones. Nowadays chances are...

Episode 7: Secure Your Insta & LinkedIn Accounts

Digital Safety Snacks Series: Secure Your Insta & LinkedIn Accounts (Yep, those too)

  • Viktorya Vilk
  • Harlo Holmes

Episode 7: Secure Your Insta & LinkedIn Accounts (Yep, those too) It’s easy to forget how publicly visible your private life might be on Instagram and LinkedIn. You might...

Episode 6: Secure Your Facebook Account

Digital Safety Snacks Episode 6: Secure Your Facebook Account (Oh no, people can see THAT post from high school?)

  • Jeje Mohamed
  • María Alejandra Silva

Episode 6: Secure Your Facebook Account (Oh no, people can see THAT post from high school?) Whether you use Facebook in your professional or private life, you’ll want to be in...

Episode 5: Secure Your Twitter Account

Digital Safety Snacks Episode 5: Secure Your Twitter Account (Don’t leave it to fate)

  • Jeje Mohamed
  • Ela Stapley

Episode 5: Secure Your Twitter Account (Don’t leave it to fate) Many of us spend a lot of time on Twitter and it’s not always pretty. We’ll walk you through Twitter’s key...

Episode 4: Anti-Hackathon Part II

Digital Safety Snacks Episode 4: Anti-Hackathon Part II (Nope, your birthday’s not a good password)

  • Jeje Mohamed
  • Gisela Pérez de Acha

Episode 4: Anti-Hackathon Part II (Nope, your birthday’s not a good password Password hygiene is a lot like dental hygiene – it’s kinda boring and annoying, but it will save...

Episode 3: Anti-Hackathon Part 1

Digital Safety Snacks Episode 3: Anti-Hackathon Part I (What’s a factor? And why are there 2?)

  • Viktorya Vilk
  • Gisela Pérez de Acha

Episode 3: Anti-Hackathon Part I (What’s a factor? And why are there 2?) What’s a factor and why should I care? We’ll explain what two factor authentication is and how it...

Digital Safety Snacks

Digital Safety Snacks Series

  • Jeje Mohamed
  • Viktorya Vilk
  • Ela Stapley
  • Harlo Holmes

Journalists are increasingly expected to have an online presence and engage on social media, which puts them at risk of abuse. Reporters from marginalized backgrounds –...

Episode 1: dDox Yourself

Digital Safety Snacks Episode 1: DeDoxing Yourself, Part I

  • Jeje Mohamed
  • Viktorya Vilk

Episode 1: deDox Yourself Part I (Wait, what info is available about me online?!) We’ll show you how to find what information is available about you online – before someone...

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