ONA22 Newsletters as Product and Journalism

Newsletters as Product and Journalism

  • Tess Jeffers
  • Robin Kwong
  • Leigh Kamping-Carder

Newsletters are undergoing a renaissance in popularity, but managing a newsletter team successfully remains a challenge for news organizations amid competition from independent...

ONA22 Make Your Newsletters Sustainable Revenue Builders

Make Your Newsletters Sustainable Revenue Builders

  • Rebekah Monson
  • Ryan Sager
  • Jesse Watkins

As the data, privacy, and advertising landscapes shift, owning your audience relationship directly is more important than ever. Many publishers are using email newsletters as a...

ONA22 We're All Visual Journalists Now

We’re All Visual Journalists Now: Skilling Up for Multimedia Storytelling, From Social and Video to Data Visualization

From video and social posts to interactive data stories, the modern newsroom is an increasingly visual place – and journalists comfortable in this multimedia landscape are in...

Staying Ahead of the Curve: Top Trends Influencing the Digital Publishing Industry

While most publishers rate subscriptions as their number one priority in 2022, it is critical for newsrooms to think beyond the traditional models to attract and retain their...


How To Turn Your Newsletter Into a Revenue-Generating Machine Using Content and First-Party Data

  • Tessa Sproule
  • Nicole Flynn
  • Moderated by Sana Farooqui

The way digital content creators work with sponsors and advertisers is changing dramatically. We believe the new cookie-less, tracking-less world is going to level the playing...


Creating, Growing and Monetizing Effective Newsletters

  • Luis Gomez
  • Mike McPhate
  • Hamish McKenzie
  • Mandy Hofmockel

Get a handle on the mechanics of newsletters in this workshop covering sign-up forms, analytics reports and list cleanup, and learn how to refine your message to better match your...


How Media Literacy Can Win You the Digital Subscription Race

  • Luis Gomez

This event is possible through the support of Chorus by Vox Media Presenter: Luis Gomez is a digital journalist and publisher of the CA//MEDIA//JOBS Newsletter. A new reader found...


Texting To Your Audience

  • David Cohn
  • Katlyn Alo

The social channel that nobody’s talking about, mass texting, is a valuable tool to build close audience relationships and even generate revenue by reaching new audiences —...


Use Email Automation to Deliver Mini-Courses and Activate your Archives

  • Ariana Rodriguez-Gitler
  • Andrea Caumont
  • Tanya Sichynsky
  • Moderated by Dan Oshinsky

Learn how (and why) to distill your archives and content expertise into bite-sized email series that allow subscribers to learn at their own pace, and get tips, lessons learned,...