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ONA22 Clips or It Didn't Happen

Clips or It Didn’t Happen — Delivering the News with Viral Video

  • Aaron Rupar
  • Moderated by Rakesh Agrawal

Increasingly, members of the public are consuming news by engaging with video clips shared online. Video clips provide visual proof of what is happening and, when shared online,...

ONA22 Syndication Without Tears: Best Practices in a Distributed World

Syndication Without Tears: Best Practices in a Distributed World

  • Bernie Davis
  • Isaac Teich
  • Ian Kennedy
  • Emily Brown

In a post-social world, reaching new readers on news platforms is an essential tool for growing audience and revenue. This archived session from ONA22 utilizes real-world...

ONA22 Make Your Newsletters Sustainable Revenue Builders

Make Your Newsletters Sustainable Revenue Builders

  • Rebekah Monson
  • Ryan Sager
  • Jesse Watkins

As the data, privacy, and advertising landscapes shift, owning your audience relationship directly is more important than ever. Many publishers are using email newsletters as a...

ONA22 There's No "I" in Data: How to Make Analytics a Team Effort

There’s No “I” in Data: How To Make Analytics a Team Effort

  • Kayla Burns
  • Doyle Irvin

How many people on your team actually know how to access and understand the performance of your digital media? Are your journalists bought in on using analytics? When generating...

ONA22 Understanding and Engaging With Your Audience on Twitter

Understanding and Engaging With Your Audience on Twitter

Twitter’s news partnerships team hosted a session at ONA22, sharing audience insights about how people consume news on Twitter and what that means for newsrooms and journalists, ...

Staying Ahead of the Curve: Top Trends Influencing the Digital Publishing Industry

While most publishers rate subscriptions as their number one priority in 2022, it is critical for newsrooms to think beyond the traditional models to attract and retain their...


Building Live Journalism for Digital and In-Person Audiences

  • Kim Last
  • Ellie Austin
  • Michelle Ma
  • Emily Prapuolenis

Join editors from The Wall Street Journal’s live journalism team for an inside look at developing engaging, newsmaking live events for hybrid audiences. The Journal’s live...


Driving Revenue Through Social

  • Nick Cicero
  • Julia Campbell

Branded content is a valuable tool for both advertisers and publishers. For advertisers, it provides a unique way to connect with desired audiences. For publishers, it can be used...


Flacks ‘n Hacks: Re-Establishing Trust Between Journalists, Corporate Storytellers, and News Consumers

  • Jon Amar
  • Gregg Castano
  • Shandra Naegle
  • Moderated by Shandra Naegle

The last five years of polarization, media bashing, and misinformation have led to unprecedented levels of media distrust. This distrust has been compounded by shrinking...