To inspire and support innovation and excellence in digital journalism

The Online News Association is composed largely of professional digital journalists from around the globe. Founded in 1999, ONA now has a global member base of professionals whose principal livelihood involves gathering or producing news for digital presentation. The membership includes journalists, technologists, news executives, students, educators and other digital media professionals. ONA serves its mission through work in five focus areas:

  • Developing strategies for emerging tech
  • Sharing best practices on audience engagement and metrics
  • Innovative news storytelling
  • Experimenting and finding new revenue and business models
  • Cultivating newsroom leadership, culture and diversity

ONA also sponsors an annual conference focusing on the latest in journalism and technology and administers the prestigious Online Journalism Awards.

The Online News Association is a 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization.

Our Vision

The journalism community boldly innovates to better engage and inform the public.

Our Values

We believe that the internet is the most powerful communications medium to arise since the dawn of television. As digital delivery systems become the primary source of news for a growing segment of the world’s population, it presents complex challenges and opportunities for journalists as well as the news audience.

Integrity: Responsible journalism using innovative tools and platforms means the distinction between news and other information must always be clear; the original source for information should be apparent; and efforts made to verify information should be explicit.

Inclusivity: Diversity and inclusion in all journalism roles contributes a variety of perspectives critical for empathetic storytelling, driving innovation and accessing new markets.

Journalistic Ethics: Journalists should maintain the highest principles of fairness, accuracy, objectivity and responsible independent reporting, as well as in distributing, sourcing, reviewing and corroborating information.

Excellence: As journalists strive for the highest quality storytelling — no matter the medium — they should be strategic in their use of reporting tools, design techniques and distribution platforms.

Community: Journalists should foster a vibrant, respectful, and supportive environment for the communities they serve, and for one another.

Freedom of Expression: Journalists must be free to report the news without fear of retribution, detention or personal harm, and will advocate for unfettered access to public information and officials. They will support the public’s right to be informed and to freely express opinions about the news.