Promoting to the ONA Network

There are many ways to share information across ONA’s social networks and communications channels. If you are looking to promote an event, survey, seminar/training program, job/intern opportunity, fellowship, call for sessions/speakers, new tool/technology, workshop, or education opportunity, ONA offers several year-round and event-specific opportunities to reach our global community, including:

Community Circles: ONA is looking to partner with sponsors and funders to support the education, community and cohort-building, as well as the overall health and well-being of professionals in the digital news industry, as part of our new Community Circles initiative focused on supporting the digital news community in a time of physical distancing. There are several ways to get involved.

ONA Weekly Newsletter: Dedicated ad space in our weekly newsletter (circ. 13,500+ opt-in readers) — examples here. Open rate of 20%+ year round. Only one ad per issue for full share of voice — this can be used to promote program announcements, fellowships, career opportunities, events and tools/services. Discounts for start-ups, educators and multi-issue runs. Available year-round.

ONA Conference Newsletter: Reach nearly 11,000 opt-in readers in the digital media space around the world in the months leading up to our annual event. Because of the devoted audience, this newsletter sees a higher engagement rate on average (over 30 percent). Closest to the conference, the average open rate tops 50 percent with a click rate over 18 percent. One ad per issue, with discounts for multi-issue runs.

Career, Fellowship, Internship Opportunities: The ONA Career Center is open to anyone interested in exploring opportunities in the digital media space — membership is not required to browse, post or apply for jobs or post a resume. Recruiters can see rates here; ONA offers significant discounts for members. Opportunities listed on ONA’s Career Center are also promoted to the broader ONA network our weekly newsletter and social channels. Banner ad campaigns are also available for higher amplification and visibility. Available year-round.

Survey Distribution: Designed specifically to promote surveys about media and journalism, promotion includes one 40-word mention in ONA Weekly (with link) and 3 tweets across a 2-week period. Available year-round.

ONA Webinars: ONA promotes these opportunities to our global network of digital journalists and media technologists. Webinars are hosted by the sponsor/funder. Limited to once monthly. Available year-round.

ONA Local: ONA has 70+ Local communities around the world. Volunteer organizers are looking for space/food/drink or sponsor support to cover those costs in exchange for the opportunity to speak, branding and other promotion. Larger events offer additional sponsor opportunities. Available year-round.

Conference Daily: Our highest-engagement newsletter opportunity, this newsletter is only offered during the annual conference. The newsletter goes only to conference registrants and average open rates top 50 percent with click through rates over 20 percent. Two ads available per issue.

ONA Annual Conference Sponsored Blog Content: Sponsor is responsible for producing content, up to 500 words, with high value to the ONA audience, which includes members, attendees, potential attendees and other interested parties in the digital journalism community. These posts will be displayed on the conference website and shared via ONA social media platforms.  Opportunities open in May-September.

Dedicated Annual Conference Blog Ads: Limited ads will run in content developed by ONA staff and ONA partners leading up to and during the annual conference, with high value to the ONA audience.These posts will be displayed on the conference website and shared via ONA social media platforms. Opportunities open in May-September.

Complimentary Promotions

Due to the number of requests, we are only able to offer a limited number of complimentary program and training promotions per month via social. All requests:

  • Must be free for participants
  • Have a primary audience of the digital journalism community
  • Inquiry must be sent at least 30 days from the date request

We do not send complimentary promotions for individual research, products, paid events or services. Please see our other promotional opportunities if you wish to share those with the ONA community. If you are a media nonprofit and have a promotions request for a no-cost program or training opportunity, please contact us.

If you are interested in partnering on an event or fellowship, would like to explore sponsorship, the Midway or exhibit space at our annual conference, or are looking to support ONA Local any of our specialty programs, leadership and education opportunities, please contact Jessica Strelitz at for details and packages.

Request a Complimentary Promotion