The Online News Association is the world’s largest digital journalism association. Membership includes journalists, technologists, executives, students, educators and other digital media professionals.

ONA’s mission is to inspire and support innovation and excellence in digital journalism. The mission is served through work in five focus areas:

  • Developing strategies for emerging tech: We provide insights into trends and best practices for using immersive reality, artificial intelligence and other emerging tools for journalism — supporting newsrooms to tell stories in new formats while making informed, ethical decisions for investing resources.
  • Sharing best practices on audience engagement and metrics: We will support news providers in understanding how individuals engage with the information they deliver and help deepen their relationship with the communities they serve.
  • Innovative news storytelling: We continue to push the boundaries of how stories are told and how journalism inspires change.
  • Experimenting and finding new revenue and business models: We invest in more trainings and events dedicated to discovering models for thriving news ecosystems.
  • Cultivating newsroom leadership, culture and diversity: We are significantly increasing our efforts to ensure the industry has diverse leadership equipped to navigate uncertainty.

ONA also hosts the annual Online News Association conference and administers the Online Journalism Awards.

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