All ONA committees and advisory boards, chaired and run by Board members and other community leaders, work with the ONA Executive Director and staff to focus on issues of importance to digital journalists.

Awards and Recognition Committee

The Awards and Recognition Committee is responsible for highlighting innovation and excellence in journalism through our Online Journalism Awards and individual award recognition programs, including the Rich J. award and the James Foley Award. The committee oversees the entry and judging processes and rules governing the awards.

Co-chair: Shazna Nessa

Co-chair: Niketa Patel 

Vice-Chair: Rubina Fillion

Staff Liaisons: Trevor Knoblich and Hollie Schultz

Governance Committee

The Governance Committee is responsible for ongoing review and recommendations to enhance the quality and future viability of the board of directors. The work of the committee revolves around the following five major areas: board roles and responsibilities, board composition, board knowledge, board effectiveness, and board leadership. The governance committee also oversees the annual elections.

Chair: Benet Wilson

Vice Chair: Ebony Reed

Members: Mandy Jenkins, Celeste LeCompte

Staff Liaisons: Irving Washington and Diana Lopez

Community and Education Committee 

The community and education committee is responsible for collaborating with ONA staff to provide insights on programmatic efforts serving the ONA membership and community, with a special emphasis on all aspects of diversity. Committee members may serve as education peer reviewers, mentors and volunteers for ONA programs.

Chair: Charo Henriquez

Vice-Chair: Anita Li

Members: Maryanne Reed, Imaeyen Ibanga, Aiyana Ishmael

Staff Liaisons: Meghan Murphy and Jen Mizgata

Legal Affairs, News Ethics, and Standards Committee

The Legal Affairs and News Ethics and Standards Committee formulates ONA’s position on legal and ethical standards in the field in three primary ways:

  • Advising the board on the lawsuits ONA should get involved in, either as a party or as an amicus (or “friend of the court”), and reviews and comments on proposed briefs to make sure that the positions taken are consistent with the interests of ONA’s members.
  • Evaluating proposed legislation that may have an impact on journalists, particularly journalists whose work is distributed in digital formats, with a view toward weighing in on pending legislation as appropriate.
  • Researching, crowdsourcing, and sharing ethical best practices and high journalistic standards related to digital news and emerging tech.

Chair: Rodney Gibbs

Vice-Chair: Versha Sharma

Members: Fergus Bell, David Smydra

Staff Liaisons: Irving Washington and Karolle Rabarison

Executive and Financial Oversight Committee

The executive committee is responsible for working in support of, or occasionally in place of, the full board.  It also oversees the approval of the budget, monitor and report on the financial status and activities of the organization, and ensure the financial policies and practices are followed.

Chair and Vice-Chair:  ONA President and Vice President

Staff Liaisons: Irving Washington and Jessica Strelitz