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Members also enjoy a range of benefits, from discounted training, conferences and seminars to regional, national and international communities and events.

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Membership gives you exclusive access to ONA’s online membership directory, as well as these other unique and unparalleled networking opportunities:

  • ONA Local meet-ups: ONA encourages and supports our members in holding regular meetups focused on networking, skills and career development, new technology and journalism issues. Check out our growing list of ONA Local cities and activities around the world.
  • Career Center: ONA’s online job board, open to the entire digital journalism community, offers access to hundreds of career opportunities. For recruiters, we offer a targeted approach that allows you to find only the most relevant candidates, including instant resume access, easy online account management and significant discounts for ONA members. For job seekers, we offer free access to everyone in the journalism community, member and non-members, including confidential resume posting, career-related content and multiple ways to search for jobs.
  • Social networks: Share, discuss and learn with other members through ONA’s TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn communities that connect educators, students, conference and local event attendees all over the world.

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Being a member supports a number of critical initiatives offered by ONA, including:

  • Providing free resources including tip sheets, presentations and audio and video recordings from our events
  • Offering a variety of fellowship and grant programs supporting the innovative work of individuals and organizations
  • Offering leadership training focused on promoting women to top positions in newsrooms
  • Recognizing the best in digital journalism with our Online Journalism Awards
  • Through our ONA Local groups, creating regular opportunities to meet and discuss all things journalism in communities around the world
  • Weighing in on key legal issues of the day through our Board Legal committee, including the filing of amicus briefs in court cases important to digital journalists

Member Groups

Membership in ONA is open to anyone working for an organization in the journalism world or serving the journalism world. Students pursuing a career in journalism may also join at a discounted rate.


Open to any person whose principal livelihood comes from creating, producing, or supervising the creation or production of journalism for digital distribution.

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Open to high school, college and university faculty and other academic professionals with research or teaching interests in journalism produced for digital distribution.

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Open to members of the public with an interest in online journalism, including those who work in media but are not directly involved in the production of digital journalism.

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Open to high school, college and university students with an interest in journalism produced for digital distribution.

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