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ONA23 Livestream image capture of speaker Nicolette Scott and the title screen of her slide deck, reading "Optimizing Your News Experience on YouTube Shorts." The ONA23 logo is in the lower right corner.

YouTube News Shorts Workshop

  • Nicolette Scott

Learn how to optimize your news experience and tell your stories on YouTube Shorts. We’ll discuss vertical video case studies and short content inspiration. This session was...

A screenshot of a quote: "We are leaning into newsletters as a platform we have more control over. Social media engagement has really plummeted for us, so we are looking for ideas of how to stay present and continue serving audiences there given our limited capacity to adjust and adapt to social media changes."

Beyond Twitter and Meta: What’s next for social media

  • Shay Totten
  • Moderated by Hanaa Rifaey, Susan Gonzalez, Apryl Pilolli, Adriana Lacy, Meghan Murphy and Upasna Gautam

When Elon Musk completed his acquisition of Twitter at the end of October 2022, it signaled the end of the golden age of social media for news organizations. Meta had already...

ONA22 Clips or It Didn't Happen

Clips or It Didn’t Happen — Delivering the News with Viral Video

  • Aaron Rupar
  • Moderated by Rakesh Agrawal

Increasingly, members of the public are consuming news by engaging with video clips shared online. Video clips provide visual proof of what is happening and, when shared online,...

ONA22 The Power of Online Communities: How To Cultivate a Loyal and Engaged Audience

The Power of Online Communities: How To Cultivate a Loyal and Engaged Audience

  • Gabriel Sands
  • Angel Mendoza

Whether you’re on a hyper-specific beat or covering a broad remit, this archived session from ONA22 offers examples and best practices to teach you how online communities...

ONA22 Understanding and Engaging With Your Audience on Twitter

Understanding and Engaging With Your Audience on Twitter

Twitter’s news partnerships team hosted a session at ONA22, sharing audience insights about how people consume news on Twitter and what that means for newsrooms and journalists, ...

ONA22 We're All Visual Journalists Now

We’re All Visual Journalists Now: Skilling Up for Multimedia Storytelling, From Social and Video to Data Visualization

From video and social posts to interactive data stories, the modern newsroom is an increasingly visual place – and journalists comfortable in this multimedia landscape are in...