Local Journalism

ONA22 Are You Really Covering Your Whole Community? (And Ways You Can Make Sure You Are)

Are You Really Covering Your Whole Community? (And Ways You Can Make Sure You Are)

  • Tim Wolff
  • Lynn Walsh
  • Apryl Pilolli

How much of your community is your newsroom really covering? This archived session from ONA22 explores how newsrooms can struggle with reaching sections of their communities and...

ONA22 Equity in Publishing: Black Publishers Session

Equity in Publishing: Black Publishers Session

  • Sara Lomax-Reese
  • Garry Pierre-Pierre
  • Andrew Ramsammy
  • Janis Ware

This archived session from ONA22 discusses the unique challenges that Black publishers face and identify ways to address them. Publishers from a wide array of outlets share their...

ONA22 First Amendment Clinic: Local News Edition

First Amendment Clinic: Local News Edition

  • Jeje Mohamed

Too often, reporters and local news outlets encounter barriers as they work to access information and hold power to account. In this archived session from ONA22, experts examine...

ONA22 Multiplatform Storytelling 101

Multiplatform Storytelling 101

  • Susan Carpenter
  • Erisa Nakano
  • Hailey Kunz
  • Moderated by Kate Cagle

How do you tell a story that hooks your audience no matter the platform? What are the best practices for translating your content from TV to social media to mobile and beyond?...


Local Journalism: Building a Business of Trust Through Collaboration For a Sustainable Model

  • Paul Cheung
  • Jim Vandehei

In this sampling of Knight Foundation’s Informed & Engaged show, we discuss models for successful approaches to local news and community-serving journalism. These two...


Bringing Local News Back: Leveraging Independent Content Creators to Help Irrigate News Deserts

  • Vincent Wu
  • Greg Vederman
  • Jamie Burton

Shifting reading habits, social media, and 24-hour cable news have created “news deserts” throughout the country, where local news no longer exists. News Break will be...


A Practical Guide to Local Newsroom Innovation

  • Sarah Schmalbach
  • Kim Fox

Learn how to start a newsroom innovation lab or better use the one you have with this comprehensive conversation about the nitty-gritty details undergirding a strong innovative...


CrowdTangle Trends Report: How Is Local News Performing on Facebook in 2019?

  • Amber Burgess
  • Emily Ristow
  • Heather Ciras
  • Glen Hale

This event is presented by Facebook Be the first to see CrowdTangle’s U.S. Local News Trends Report, an analysis of how local news is performing on Facebook so far in 2019. This...


Getting People to Pay for Local News Online

  • Christine Taylor
  • Audrey Cooper
  • Edward Malthouse
  • Moderated by Tim Franklin

Going beyond page views and duration, analysts with Northwestern’s Medill School delved into reader and subscriber behavior data from 16 news markets large and small and will...