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Digital Safety Snacks

Digital Safety Snacks Series

  • Jeje Mohamed
  • Viktorya Vilk

Journalists are increasingly expected to have an online presence and engage on social media, which puts them at risk of abuse. Reporters from marginalized backgrounds –...

Episode 1: dDox Yourself

Digital Safety Snacks Series: DeDoxing Yourself, Part I

  • Jeje Mohamed
  • Viktorya Vilk

Episode 1: deDox Yourself Part I (Wait, what info is available about me online?!) We’ll show you how to find what information is available about you online – before someone...

Episode 2: deDox Yourself

Digital Safety Snacks Series: DeDoxing Yourself, Part II

  • Jeje Mohamed
  • Viktorya Vilk

Episode 2: deDox Yourself Part II (Sorry, who’s selling my data for pennies?!) We’ll talk about how and why, in the United States, people can buy your private info for...

The Pipeline Isn’t the Problem

The “pipeline problem” has always been an excuse for organizations who haven’t developed strong, diverse candidate pools. It’s time to hold up the mirror and examine the...

ONA Local

Product Management Thinking for the Newsroom

  • Cindy Royal
  • Becca Aaronson
  • Moderated by Amy Schmitz Weiss

What is product management? How can product management thinking help your newsroom and community? This training features insights to better understand product management and how...

Move Into a News Product Role

  • Mandy Jenkins
  • Tony Elkins

Hear from experts who have done it on how to make the move into a product role from other positions within a news organization. This conversation offers ways to apply your...


Leading a Newsroom with Trust at the Center

  • Moderated by Lorie Hearn

In today’s fraught news environment, building trust is journalism’s guiding star — but a newsroom with trust at the center is about more than greater transparency and...


Looking At a Career in Local Broadcast As a Pathway to Digital Success

As legacy print outlets and digital sites struggle in a post-COVID world, TEGNA VP of Digital Content Joanie Vasiliadis and TEGNA Regional Digital Director Jessica Mullins share...


New Google Tools for Journalists

  • Moderated by Mary Nahorniak

Learn about some of Google’s new tools for journalists, including Pinpoint, to help with audio transcription and analyzing large amounts of documents; Timelapse in...