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How to Think Like a Change Agent: Building Your Skills to Spur Innovation with a Journalism Fellowship

Presented at ONA23
October 10, 2023
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Our industry needs the next change agents to handle our biggest challenges and spur innovation, but sometimes the relentless news cycle can drain even the most talented journalists. A journalism fellowship can give you the time and resources to step away from daily deadlines, learn new skills, and pursue your big journalism idea.

Find out how a fellowship can help you pursue your next great journalism idea and learn how Knight-Wallace Fellows Maria Arce, Jarrad Henderson, and Meg Martin maximized their fellowship year to develop innovative solutions for covering natural disasters, train the next generation of visual journalists, build supportive networks for training and share best practices for editors in public media.

This session was recorded before a live audience at ONA23: Philadelphia on Aug. 25, 2023.


Lynette Clemetson
Director, Knight-Wallace Fellowships at the University of Michigan

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