career development


How to Think Like a Change Agent: Building Your Skills to Spur Innovation with a Journalism Fellowship

  • Moderated by Lynette Clemetson

Our industry needs the next change agents to handle our biggest challenges and spur innovation, but sometimes the relentless news cycle can drain even the most talented...

Career Day

Understanding Your Career Path to Know Your Worth

  • Leonor Ayala Polley
  • Sonali Kohli
  • Moderated by Hanaa Rifaey

As you look for new opportunities in digital media, it is important to take stock of where you’ve been, where you want to be and how you will get there. How do you see the arc...

Career Day Make your resume shine

✨ Make Your Resume Shine ✨

  • Lynette Clemetson
  • Adriana Lacy
  • Leonor Ayala Polley
  • Moderated by Hanaa Rifaey

Lynette Clemetson, Director of Wallace House Center for Journalists at the University of Michigan, Adriana Lacy, founder of Journalism Mentors, and leading network television...