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Resilience in Combating Misinformation

  • Joy Mayer
  • Norbert Schwarz
  • Gabriella Stern
  • Moderated by Meena Thiruvengadam

Journalists today face disinformation and misinformation challenges as well as the simultaneous eroding of public trust in institutions. They are combating overt tactics to share...

A microphone that is sitting on top of several spiral reporters notebooks.

Information Equity Database (2023)

This updated ONA Information Equity Database is meant to help journalists reach and engage with communities who have been historically under- or misrepresented in journalism....

COVID-19 Misinformation Playbook (2023)

This updated COVID-19 Misinformation Playbook from the Online News Association is designed to help journalists and newsrooms quickly pinpoint COVID-19 facts and COVID-19...

Career Day

Understanding Your Career Path to Know Your Worth

  • Leonor Ayala Polley
  • Sonali Kohli
  • Moderated by Hanaa Rifaey

As you look for new opportunities in digital media, it is important to take stock of where you’ve been, where you want to be and how you will get there. How do you see the arc...

A screenshot of a quote: "We are leaning into newsletters as a platform we have more control over. Social media engagement has really plummeted for us, so we are looking for ideas of how to stay present and continue serving audiences there given our limited capacity to adjust and adapt to social media changes."

Beyond Twitter and Meta: What’s next for social media

  • Shay Totten
  • Moderated by Hanaa Rifaey, Susan Gonzalez, Apryl Pilolli, Adriana Lacy, Meghan Murphy and Upasna Gautam

When Elon Musk completed his acquisition of Twitter at the end of October 2022, it signaled the end of the golden age of social media for news organizations. Meta had already...

Career Day Make your resume shine

✨ Make Your Resume Shine ✨

  • Lynette Clemetson
  • Adriana Lacy
  • Leonor Ayala Polley
  • Moderated by Hanaa Rifaey

Lynette Clemetson, Director of Wallace House Center for Journalists at the University of Michigan, Adriana Lacy, founder of Journalism Mentors, and leading network television...

ONA22 Build a Visual-First Strategy for Immediate Audience Engagement

Build a Visual-First Strategy for Immediate Audience Engagement

  • Elodie Mailliet Storm
  • Martin do Nascimento
  • Michelle Kanaar

Photojournalism drives reader engagement. Research shows that on average an audience will read 50% of a story but will look at all photo and video content. In addition, strong...

ONA22 Finding, Mining and Exploiting Data

Finding, Mining and Exploiting Data

  • Denise Vickers
  • Brandon Meyer
  • Gavin Off

The archived session from ONA22 covers beginner-friendly tactics to obtain data through mining and creative requests and will offer ideas about how reporters, including those...

ONA22 Walk In Someone Else's News: Is Reading Across the Spectrum Good for Democracy & Your Bottom Line?

Walk in Someone Else’s News: Is Reading Across the Spectrum Good for Democracy & Your Bottom Line?

  • Curtis Bram
  • Courtney Hurley

Despite its societal impact and significant work being done to understand it, there are few practical solutions addressing the root of political polarization. This archived...