Powering Trusted News with AI: Navigating the Present and Shaping the Future

AI has arrived and will need to be adopted by newsrooms swiftly to keep up with audiences ever growing expectations when it comes to technology. There are many advantages of AI in...


A Roundtable Discussion on the Latest in AI Innovation

  • Matt Masterson
  • Evan Young
  • Liz Danzico

  In September 2023, ONA hosted a redux of the popular ONA23: Philadelphia session, A Roundtable Discussion on the Latest in AI Innovation. Microsoft’s Liz Danzico and Matt...

ONA23 Screenshot from presentation featuring speaker Etan Horowitz and slide labeled "Pinpoint" with illustrations symbolizing marked-up data

Extract Structured Data with Google Pinpoint

  • Etan Horowitz

Learn more about the newest feature of Pinpoint, a tool that uses the best of AI and Search technology to help journalists easily go through large amounts of documents, audio...

A screenshot of a quote: "We are leaning into newsletters as a platform we have more control over. Social media engagement has really plummeted for us, so we are looking for ideas of how to stay present and continue serving audiences there given our limited capacity to adjust and adapt to social media changes."

Beyond Twitter and Meta: What’s next for social media

  • Shay Totten
  • Moderated by Hanaa Rifaey, Susan Gonzalez, Apryl Pilolli, Adriana Lacy, Meghan Murphy and Upasna Gautam

When Elon Musk completed his acquisition of Twitter at the end of October 2022, it signaled the end of the golden age of social media for news organizations. Meta had already...

ONA22 Clips or It Didn't Happen

Clips or It Didn’t Happen — Delivering the News with Viral Video

  • Aaron Rupar
  • Moderated by Rakesh Agrawal

Increasingly, members of the public are consuming news by engaging with video clips shared online. Video clips provide visual proof of what is happening and, when shared online,...

ONA22 An Editorial-AI Hybrid Approach to Journalism

An Editorial-AI Hybrid Approach to Journalism

After fighting a long and difficult battle for ad dollars against the big tech platforms, the journalism industry has undergone a serious transformation in the past 5 years –...

ONA22 Even if Web3 is Full of Scams, The Part That Isn't Might Just Change Everything

Even if Web3 Is Full of Scams, the Part That Isn’t Might Just Change Everything

  • Eric Mack
  • Keith Axline
  • John Miller

Web1 and Web2 both changed the world while arguably doing plenty of damage. Web3 adds a new layer to the internet that isn’t just about trading JPEGs and crypto; it also...

ONA22 How To Build Your Own Interactive Data Story - And Master Scrollytelling Without Coding

How To Build Your Own Interactive Data Story — And Master Scrollytelling Without Coding

  • Duncan Clark
  • Luisa Bider

This archived workshop from ONA22 provides a hands-on tutorial for creating an interactive data story with Flourish, a no-code tool used by journalists around the world, from the...

ONA22 We're All Visual Journalists Now

We’re All Visual Journalists Now: Skilling Up for Multimedia Storytelling, From Social and Video to Data Visualization

From video and social posts to interactive data stories, the modern newsroom is an increasingly visual place – and journalists comfortable in this multimedia landscape are in...