digital safety

Do’s and Don’t’s When Working with Whistleblowers in the Digital Age

  • Moderated by Duc Luu

As online news evolves to offer deeper investigations for broader audiences, digital journalists seek sources to help them hold power to account. Whether working in Big Tech,...

ONA22 Even if Web3 is Full of Scams, The Part That Isn't Might Just Change Everything

Even if Web3 Is Full of Scams, the Part That Isn’t Might Just Change Everything

  • Eric Mack
  • Keith Axline
  • John Miller

Web1 and Web2 both changed the world while arguably doing plenty of damage. Web3 adds a new layer to the internet that isn’t just about trading JPEGs and crypto; it also...

ONA22 First Amendment Clinic: Local News Edition

First Amendment Clinic: Local News Edition

  • Jeje Mohamed

Too often, reporters and local news outlets encounter barriers as they work to access information and hold power to account. In this archived session from ONA22, experts examine...