A Roundtable Discussion on the Latest in AI Innovation

Presented at ONA23
September 11, 2023
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In September 2023, ONA hosted a redux of the popular ONA23: Philadelphia session, A Roundtable Discussion on the Latest in AI Innovation.

Microsoft’s Liz Danzico and Matt Masterson and Nota’s Evan Young hosted a live, virtual conversation around advancements in AI technology and tools that can help to empower journalists, modernize newsrooms and enhance publishing experiences. The interactive discussion focused on opportunities and challenges associated with the emergence of AI and how best to develop approaches that benefit local news ecosystems.

This discussion is designed for:

  • Editors looking to leverage AI technology and tools to streamline workflows and fill in gaps in local reporting.
  • Journalists trying to understand how AI technology and tools can make them more productive and efficient in their reporting.
  • Business, Operations and Ad Sales professionals who want to understand how AI technology and tools can help them generate more or new revenue streams.


Matt Masterson
Director of Information Integrity, Microsoft
Evan Young
Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, Nota
Liz Danzico
Vice President of Design, Microsoft
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