Newsletters as Product and Journalism

Presented at ONA22
September 23, 2022
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Newsletters are undergoing a renaissance in popularity, but managing a newsletter team successfully remains a challenge for news organizations amid competition from independent newsletter writers and platform changes that limit access to audience analytics. In this archived session from ONA22, the award-winning newsletter team from the Wall Street Journal share how they approach newsletters as a journalistic format and as an audience-focused product. Their conversation addresses how newsletters fit into a membership business model, how to measure success, how to deal with the demise of open rates and experiment with new newsletter formats.

This session was designed for:

  • Newsletter writers and editors interested in innovative newsletter formats.
  • Audience engagement specialists looking to reach new audiences through newsletters.
  • Newsroom leaders working on a data-driven newsletter strategy.

This session was recorded in front of a live audience at ONA22 in Los Angeles on Sept. 23, 2022.


Tess Jeffers
Director of Data Science, The Wall Street Journal
Leigh Kamping-Carder
Head of Newsletters, The Wall Street Journal
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