Versha Sharma

Managing Editor & Senior Correspondent • NowThis • New York City, NY
Last edited March 15, 2021

Versha Sharma is Managing Editor and Senior Correspondent at NowThis, where she reports on the Trump administration, and has led audience growth on new platforms from Instagram to Facebook to YouTube to newsletters. She’s produced several short documentaries and filed dispatches on immigration from the U.S.-Mexico border, reported from mass protests in St. Louis, and traveled to Moscow, Russia for the show she hosts and produces, The Russia Desk. Versha won an Edward R. Murrow award with the NowThis Reports team for a short doc about the aftermath of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. Versha has long been an enthusiastic voice for the most innovative models in digital journalism. Prior to NowThis, she worked as a reporter and editor for Vocativ, where she managed a team of international reporters. She covered the 2012 presidential election for MSNBC.