Telling Climate Change Stories That Matter: From Impacts to Solutions

Presented at ONA21
June 21, 2021
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Climate change is the biggest and most under-reported story of our time. It affects our health, safety, and wallets, but most people are unaware of the connections. We discuss climate science, impacts, and solutions; audiences’ interests and concerns; and overcoming challenges facing journalists. Discover strategies for reporting meaningful local climate change stories — and learn about free, localized climate reporting resources.

This workshop helps attendees:

  • Understand climate change through a racial justice and equity lens
  • Gain insight into what your audience thinks about climate change and their interest in coverage on the related issues
  • Learn effective ways reporters can cover climate change
  • Get free, weekly, localized climate change reporting resources

Online Resources Mentioned

Yale Program on Climate Communication: Global Warming’s Six Americas and Yale Climate Opinion Maps 2020 (which includes the Interest in Climate News Map)

Climate Break: stories of climate progress and interviews with climate innovators, 90 seconds at a time, produced by climate law and policy experts at the University of California, Berkeley.

Climate Matters website and newsletter sign-up. Climate Matters helps meteorologists and journalists report on climate impacts and solutions in ways that are local, immediate, and personal — grounded in the latest science. This climate reporting resource program produces free, easy-to-understand text and visual materials — including graphics, interactives and videos — to help journalists build stories that will engage and enlighten their audience.

Climate Communication, a nonprofit science and outreach project, and the Climate Communication / SciLine Quick Facts: Quick facts about the connections between general story categories and climate change, including agricultureenvironmental justicedroughthurricanesheat wavestorrential rain and floodingcold snaps and wild fires

Climate Reporting Masterclass offers journalist 12 interactive modules taught by top scientists and communicators to deepen their reporting. A certificate program is offered as an option as well.

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