Digital Journalism Insights: Lightning Talks from ONA Board Candidates and VIP Meetup

Presented at ONA18
September 12, 2018
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We’ll hear from key leaders in the digital journalism community — candidates for ONA’s Board of Directors — about their approach to balancing innovation, engagement, revenue and, of course, core journalism. The brief meetup that follows is a chance to ask one-on-one questions of those who want to guide ONA over the next few years. Click for more.

This session is designed for:

  • Anyone who wants a “big picture” look at current trends in journalism: if you’re at our conference or watching online, that’s you!
  • Executives looking for a glimpse at what their peers see as emerging issues
  • ONA members and voters who want more information about the Board of Directors candidate slate

  • Speakers

    Staci Baird
    Assistant Professor, University of La Verne
    Fergus Bell
    Journalist & Consultant, Dig Deeper Media & Pop-Up Newsroom
    Selymar Colón
    Managing Editor and Senior Director, Univision Communications, Inc.
    Rubina Fillion
    Director of Audience Engagement, The Intercept
    Teresa Frontado
    Digital Director, WLRN, South Florida Public Media
    Rodney Gibbs
    Chief Product Officer, Texas Tribune
    Imaeyen Ibanga
    Senior Producer, AJ+
    Mandy Jenkins
    John S. Knight Journalism Fellow, Stanford University
    Chris Krewson
    Vice President, Spirited Media
    Juleyka Lantigua-Williams
    Founder/CEO, Lantigua Williams & Co.
    Celeste LeCompte
    VP, Business Development, ProPublica
    Greg Linch
    Back-End Developer, Industry Dive
    Frank Mungeam
    VP Digital Audience Engagement, TEGNA Media
    Hayg Oshagan
    Associate Professor, Wayne State University
    Angela Pacienza
    Head of Experience, The Globe and Mail
    Niketa Patel
    News Partnership Manager, Twitter
    Maryanne Reed
    Dean / Professor, West Virginia University
    Ola Stenberg
    Executive Digital Editor, Schibsted Media Group, VG
    Valerie Streit
    News Lead, Partner Operations, Google
    Meena Thiruvengadam
    Success Manager,
    Leslie Wilkinson
    Senior Product Manager, CNN Digital
    Benét Wilson
    Associate Editor,


    Joshua Hatch
    Chronicle of Higher Education
    Session Audio
    Social Conversation

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