Minutes – Sept. 3, 2010

Online News Association Board of Directors Meeting

In attendance:

  • Jody Brannon
  • Christine Montgomery
  • Dick Myer
  • Neil Budde
  • Katharine Fong
  • Jon Hart
  • Ken Sands
  • Katie King
  • Liz Lufkin
  • Sean Connolly
  • Jane McDonnell
  • Jon Dube


  • Cory Haik
  • Amy Webb
  • Anthony Moor
  • Meredith Artley

Minutes pass unanimously

Jane detailed the $75K grant from EEJF, which will be largely dedicated to redevelop the site.

Jane discussed the hiring of the community engagement specialist, who will focus on coordinating ONA events, training, logistics and newsroom outreach

The board discussed candidates for the 7 board slots and possible guidelines for candidates’ campaigns; Kinsey Wilson led the discussion. A motion passed unanimously to accept the candidates proposed by the committee. Slate will be announced Sept. 16. Open voting begins on Oct. 29; voting closes on Nov. 13. Jane proposed a pre- board call/event for new board members, to welcome them and tell them how the board works.

Jane mentioned that a big topic for the January board meeting will be branding and positioning ONA

Jane gave an update on the Advisory Board conversations; the advisers are invited to the board meeting dinner in D.C.

Jane detailed the board meeting planned during conference.

Jane discussed ongoing talks with UNITY for the 2012 conference

Christine discussed developments with the partnership committee

Awards update: Finalists are to be announced Sept. 20

ONA board members will be getting an invite to News FOO, sent for Dec. 3-5 in Phoenix Jane asked for ideas on how to continue with ONA BlogTalk radio?