Minutes – Aug. 13, 2010

Online News Association Board of Directors Meeting

In attendance:

  • Christine Montgomery
  • Cory Tolbert Haik
  • Anthony Moor
  • Katharine Fong
  • Amy Webb
  • Ken Sands
  • Jody Brannon
  • Jim Brady
  • Neil Budde
  • Jonathan Hart (Dow Lohnes)
  • Jane McDonnell (Executive Director)
  • Sherry Skalko (Outgoing editor, journalist.org)
  • Sean Connolly (Incoming editor, journalist.org)

Not in attendance:

  • Katie King
  • Meredith Artley
  • Liz Lufkin
  • Dick Meyer
  • Jonathan Dube


  • Carolyn Skinner, Goodman & Company

Old business

New business

  • Discussion of ONA 2009 tax return, Carolyn Skinner of Goodman & Company
  • Administration, staffing and development updates, Jane McDonnell
  • Advisory board updates, Amy Webb
  • This first advisory board meeting will be held at ONA10.

Nominating committee, Jane McDonnell

  • The nominating committee has new members

Partnership committee, Christine Montgomery

  • Calls are set up for this newly formed sub-committee

Legal committee update and events, Jon Hart

Diversity committee, Katharine Fong

  • Diversity stakeholders working toward a joint project for doing a census of online media

Awards committee, Anthony Moor & Sherry Skalko

  • Have identified the journalists who will be the finalist judges in Miami
  • Over 700 entries for awards

Events & Training Committee, Ken Sands, Cory Haik

  • Success of ONA parachute at AAJA
  • Updates on the next parachute training

The call ended at 2 p.m. ET