Minutes – Nov. 13, 2009

Online News Association Board of Directors Meeting

In attendance:

  • Ken Sands
  • Christine Montgomery
  • Jody Brannon
  • Neil Budde
  • Jim Brady
  • Tom Brew
  • Dick Meyer
  • Anthony Moor
  • Meredith Artley (term begins Jan. 1, 2010)
  • Denise Polverine
  • Katharine Fong
  • Jon Dube
  • Ju-Don Roberts
  • Cory Tolbert Haik
  • Katie King
  • Jane McDonnell (Executive Director)
  • Sherry Skalko (Editor, Journalists.org)

Not in attendance:

  • Amy Webb

Minutes: The October minutes were approved.

Monthly report: Jane McDonnell reported that she is sending out grant applications including several for business and web development.

Jane said she and Sherry are also working on a web development plan that will take us into next year.

Conference survey: We have had approx. 150 responses to the survey thus far.

Finances: Jim Brady said he is working on finances, tracking down remaining transactions for ’09 and working on the budget.

Jane and Jim reported that they are talking to an accounting firm and received a quote for help with basic bookkeeping and our annual audit.

Membership: Jim Brady said the committee is looking at the definition of membership classifications. The committee is also looking at how those categories match up with board representation. This topic will be discussed at length at the in-person ONA Board meeting in Miami on Dec. 3-4.

Committees: Jane said there are many ways for people to get involved this year. If a board member would like to get involved with a new/different committee please express interest to Jane or Jon Dube.

Events: Jane said Events Chair, Ken Sands, has done an incredible job this past year. Ken said the Ann Arbor event was great. They are looking at taking the training sessions to other cities as well. Ken also said he went to Richmond, VA for a mini conference in which he was featured in two sessions representing ONA. There were also monthly meet-ups for D.C. and LA this past month and Ken said he’s looking at doing a Nashville event in conjunction with the Freedom Forum.

International Events: Katie King said there is a lot of excitement surrounding the international committee and members of this committee are very active. Katie said it’s really been an exciting outgrowth of the conference. Katie reported that a lot of meet-ups are being organized in Canada, the UK and Brazil.

Awards: Anthony Moor reported that the awards went well. The committee is now looking at the rules and guidelines for the awards and the judging.
Conference committee: Katharine Fong said the committee was pleased with the conference on the whole. She said they feel the panels had a good mix of diversity, expertise, etc. Katharine said she feels they could have done a better job at getting more diverse international speakers, but overall she’s heard very positive feedback from attendees and panelists.

2010 Conference: Josh Hatch is the conference chair for 2010. He is looking for input now on speakers and panelists.

The call was adjourned at 11:00 a.m. ET