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ONA Local groups represent a tremendous opportunity to connect with other innovators in your area to share best practices and ideas.

Below, we’ve listed the details for professional groups in the U.S. and Canada, student groups, and international groups outside of North America.

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US and Canada Professional Groups

Most ONA Local organizers in the U.S. and Canada use, where you can find the group nearest you and see their upcoming events.

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ONA Western New England

Springfield, MA

Last Event: 11-04-2016

Meetup and #ONA16 recap

ONA Dallas/Fort Worth

Dallas, TX

Last Event: 10-13-2016

October Happy Hour!


Los Angeles, CA

Next Event: 12-15-2016

Holiday Mixer

Last Event: 12-03-2016

Excellence in Journalism Day

ONA San Diego

San Diego, CA

Last Event: 10-11-2016

Join Us for Media Groups Meetup

ONA Alaska

Anchorage, AK

Next Event: 12-09-2016

ONA + Alaska Press Club December meetup!

ONA Detroit

Detroit, MI

Last Event: 10-19-2016

Get involved in organizing ONA Detroit meetups!


San Francisco, CA

Next Event: 12-12-2016

Post-Election Happy Hour

Last Event: 09-12-2016

From the Page to the Stage with Doug McGray


Honolulu, HI

Last Event: 11-21-2016

Virtual Reality/360 for Journalists 101

ONA New Orleans

New Orleans, LA

Last Event: 11-17-2016

ONA New Orleans kickoff: Lightning talks!


New York, NY

Next Event: 12-06-2016

ONA NYC Holiday Party

Last Event: 07-27-2016

ONA NYC Summer Social

ONA Reno

Reno, NV

Last Event: 09-26-2016

ONA Reno Kickoff Meetup: Launching new digital brands with the RGJ

ONADC - the DC Area Online News Association Meetup Group

Washington, DC

Next Event: 12-16-2016

ONADC December - Holiday Extravaganza

Last Event: 10-13-2016

ONADC October — A business-flavored happy hour

ONA Philadelphia

Philadelphia, PA

Next Event: 02-08-2017

Wait, what's going on with the nonprofit owner of

Last Event: 12-01-2016

WordCamp U.S. Journo Meetup

ONA Twin Cities

Minneapolis, MN

Last Event: 12-11-2014

Annual holiday party

ONA Nashville

Nashville, TN

Last Event: 07-26-2016

ONA Nashville Organizers' Meeting

ONA Calgary

Calgary, CA

ONA Chicago

Chicago, IL

Last Event: 12-11-2013

ONA Chicago Holiday Social

ONA Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, PA

Next Event: 12-07-2016

“Freelancing in the new media landscape”

Last Event: 03-30-2016

Have drinks with PRSA

ONA Toronto

Toronto, CA

Last Event: 11-01-2016

Top takeaways from the ONA16 conference

ONA South Florida

Miami, FL

Last Event: 11-12-2016

Digital Storytelling Workshop


Portland, OR

Last Event: 12-01-2016

Beer 101 and journalist holiday party at Belmont Station

ONA Boston

Boston, MA

Last Event: 08-02-2016

Summer Social Event

ONA Rocky Mountains

Denver, CO

Last Event: 09-15-2016

Hacks/Hackers Colorado #ONA16 Meetup

ONA Las Vegas

Las Vegas, NV

Next Event: 12-14-2016

ONA/SPJ/NAHJ Holiday Mixer

Last Event: 09-27-2016

ONA Las Vegas Kickoff Mixer

ONA NC Triangle

Raleigh, NC

Last Event: 08-15-2016

Help us plan a reboot of ONA NC Triangle

ONA Tampa Bay

Tampa, FL

Last Event: 10-08-2015

ONA October Meetup

ONA Montreal

Montréal, CA

Last Event: 12-09-2015

Pre-Christmas drinks/brainstorming

ONA Seattle

Seattle, WA

Last Event: 07-28-2016

Join us for a discussion with Seattle’s returning Nieman fellows

Sacramento Online News Association Meetup Group

Sacramento, CA

Last Event: 02-25-2016

Anatomy of a Podcast: The Gear, The Story, The Metrics

ONA Edmonton

Edmonton, CA

Last Event: 02-22-2014

ONA Yeg Conference

ONA Austin

Austin, TX

Last Event: 03-12-2015

Journalism Hackathon

ONA Gainesville

Gainesville, FL

Last Event: 03-04-2015

What do we want from this group?

ONA Atlanta

Atlanta, GA

Last Event: 11-19-2015

#ONA15 Recap


ONA Local Student Groups

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ONA at the Reynolds School

ONA at Columbia University


ONA at Indiana University


ONA at Ohio University

  • Blog

ONA at Mizzou

ONA at the University of Cincinnati


ONA at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo


ONA at University of South Florida


ONA at Bowling Green State University


ONA at UNC Chapel Hill


SPJ/ONA at DePaul University

ONA at American University


ONA at University of Georgia

ONA Local International Groups

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ONA Toronto

ONA Jerusalem


ONA Brasil

ONA Nairobi




ONA Edmonton

  • Meetup

ONA Italia

ONA Calgary

  • Meetup

ONA Singapore

  • Meetup

ONA Montreal

  • Meetup

ONA Portugal


ONA Ireland

  • Meetup