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Journalism 360 is a global network of storytellers accelerating the understanding and production of immersive journalism. Our mission is to help news organizations, journalists, technologists, content creators and journalism educators experiment with all forms of immersive storytelling, including but not limited to 360 video, augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality.

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A Guide to AR/XR in Journalism

Last June, Yahoo News began an ambitious project: Launching immersive content experiences from a wide variety of partners. While the groundwork had been laid, what we were going to do … Learn about this subject.

A Guide to Photogrammetry Photography

Humans perceive and experience the world in three dimensions. Photogrammetry provides a bridge from the physical world’s reality to digital immersive realities. It enables journalists and storytellers to digitize pieces … Learn about this subject.

Decision 2020: The Immersive Election

This event is presented by Yahoo! News With major advances in VR and AR technology and distribution over the past four years, the 2020 election is gearing up to be … Learn about this subject.

New Frontiers in Visual Storytelling: Telling Stories with Emerging Tech

This immersive session will demonstrate hands-on tools for working in 360, 3D and AR, cover new-batch software and hardware making immersive storytelling accessible to every field reporter and data journalist … Learn about this subject.

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Three practical guides to immersive storytelling for journalism

We’re excited to feature a series of guides to producing immersive journalism, created by Journalism 360 ambassadors and thought leaders from the community with support from the John S. and … Read more.

A look at the 2019 Immersive Storytelling Festival at ONA19

Sam Stewart, who is consulting with the Online News Association as the program lead for Journalism 360, talks about the Immersive Film Festival at the ONA19 conference and trends in … Read more.

The resources you need to get started in immersive journalism

Immersive journalism is a rapidly developing field — which can be both exciting and intimidating to anyone trying to get involved. What tech do you invest in first, especially if … Read more.

Journalism 360 awards $195,000 to 11 winning projects that use immersive storytelling to advance journalism

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Eleven projects led by creators from around the world that seek to help develop and expand best practices in immersive journalism, including virtual, augmented and mixed reality, … Read more.

The Journalism 360 Challenge

Twenty-two projects received funding through two cycles of our program aiming to discover how we might experiment with immersive storytelling to advance the field of journalism. Learn more about the Challenge.

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Chair of Journalism Innovation
Syracuse University, S.I. Newhouse School
Executive Editor, Virtual Reality
The Guardian
Senior Director, Immersive Experiences
National Geographic
Global Head of RYOT Studio
Oath / RYOT
Journalist & Educator
Tiny World Productions
CEO and Co-Founder
Vragments GmbH
Chief Executive
Immersivly Ltd
Co-Director, Immersive Journalism
The New York Times
Founder and CEO
Chicas Poderosas
President & CEO
Dome3D LLC
Director, Strategic Initiatives
Editorial Director, Enterprise + Immersive Experiences
Teleport Media
Emblematic Group
Executive Producer
Digital Professor / Founder
StoryUP XR (Healium)
VR editor

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