Robert Hernandez

Digital Professor / Founder • USC Annenberg / JOVRNALISM • Los Angeles, California
Last edited July 29, 2020

Robert Hernandez, aka WebJournalist, is an Associate Professor of Professional Practice at USC Annenberg, but he’s not an academic… he’s more of a “hackademic” that specializes in “MacGyvering” digital journalism through emerging technologies. His primary focus is exploring and developing the intersection of technology and journalism. His most recent work includes Augmented Reality, Wearables/Google Glass and Virtual Reality — he and his students produce VR experiences under their brand: JOVRNALISM™. Their work has won numerous and can be seen in The New York Times, NBC, NPR, ProPublica, USA Today and in their own iOS/Android app. He has served on boards that have included Chicas Poderosas, InquireFirst and the Online News Association. He is a Journalism 360 ambassador and a lifetime member of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists. He has made it to imgur’s front page more than once. He connects dots and people.

In 2020, Robert serves as the Journalism 360 Program Manager. As an ONA consultant, Robert has recused himself from reviewing work submitted to the Online Journalism Awards that he has been involved in, and will not apply for grants or be part of projects that apply for grants through Journalism 360 and other ONA programs during his contract term.

Note: All ONA staff and consultants note any potential or perceived conflict of interests when joining our team. Robert has been involved with ONA in many ways over the years. From 2011–2016, he helped guide the association’s mission as a member of the Board of Directors. He has served as a Journalism 360 ambassador since 2017, reviewer for the Journalism 360 Challenge and the Online Journalism AwardsONA Local organizer and speaker at the ONA annual conference, where he contributes insights on virtual reality, journalism innovation, digital culture at journalism schools and community building. In 2015 and 2017, he received grant support through the Challenge Fund for Innovation in Journalism Education as a team member for the J-School Collaborative’s Tracking Food Truck Lines to Show Commercially Valuable Data and USC Annenberg’s Making High-End VR Accessible: Immersive Storytelling for Local Communities.

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