Diya Chacko

Audience Engagement Editor
The Los Angeles Times
Los Angeles, CA

Elana Zak

Senior Editor
CNN Business
New York City, NY

Ernesto Aguilar

Membership Program Director
National Federation of Community Broadcasters
Houston, TX

Ernie Ting

Founder and CEO
CivImpact Labs
Oakland, CA

Evan Mackinder

Senior Audience Engagement Editor
Washington, D.C.

Fergus Bell

Journalist and News Consultant
Dig Deeper Media
Guildford, England

Greg Fitzgerald

Communications Manager
The Christian Science Monitor
Boston, Massachusetts

Greg Retsinas

Director of Digital Media
KGW Media Group
Portland, Oregon

Hannah Wise

Engagement Editor
The Dallas Morning News
Dallas, TX

John Hill

Freelance Journalist
Portland, Oregon

Joseph Geha

Bay Area News Group
San Jose, CA

Joseph Lichterman

Manager of Editorial and Digital Strategy
The Lenfest Institute for Journalism
Baltimore, MD

Juan Melano

Director of Product
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Julie Zeglen Managing Editor
Technically Media
Philadelphia, PA

Katie Fleeman

Audience Engagement Editor
Knowable Magazine
Palo Alto, California

Keith Herndon

Professor of Practice in Journalism
Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication
Athens, GA

Kourtney Geers

Managing Editor
Denver Business Journal
Denver, Colorado