Ernie Ting

Founder and CEO • CivImpact Labs • Oakland, CA
Last edited March 12, 2019

Ernie Ting is the founder and CEO of CivImpact Labs, a behavioral science and technology startup that is focused on helping nonprofit and commercial media organizations to understand how they can better inform the public and support a healthy democracy in a world of growing media misinformation and political polarization.

CivImpact Labs tracks the impact of media coverage on the public’s understanding and opinion about important social, economic and political issues. It provides innovative tools and resources that allow news and civic organizations to help audiences become more informed participants in public discourse and the political process of their communities and our nation. It also helps media organizations to uncover ways that they can create a stronger and more sustainable financial footing for themselves to keep carrying out this vital role. And finally, CivImpact Labs creates innovative products for news consumers applying these insights.

Ernie is a social scientist and entrepreneurial innovator with a particular expertise in behavioral economics, political psychology and public policy, as well as competitive analysis and market trend forecasting for information services, communications and technology. His career has ranged over many different organizations in diverse fields. For many years he was a leading tech policy advisor to state and federal officials, and an economics consultant and expert witness before regulatory bodies across the nation. He also served as an agency administrator in local government who designed one of the first managed health care programs for the indigent in the U.S. He has been the lead author of official reports to the President, the Governor of California and to local governments. In 1997 he was part of a team whose work to advance open government was acknowledged with the Society of Professional Journalists of Northern California’s James Madison Freedom of Information Award.

In the nonprofit arena, Ernie has been a CFO and a senior director for one of the largest sources of online voting information, served on boards of directors of civic and children’s advocacy organizations, and been a pro bono management consultant. In addition, Ernie was a professional facilitator of community forums on a range of contentious issues such as race relations and environmental regulations. Over the years, he has been a speaker at various technology and policy conferences, and a college instructor on business management and regulatory policy.