Gabrielle Calise

Social Trending Producer • Tampa Bay Times • St. Petersburg, Florida
Last edited January 8, 2020

Gabrielle Calise is a digital reporter and social media producer at her hometown paper, the Tampa Bay Times. She reports on a wide range of topics, from Florida history and local oddities to breaking news and trends. Gabrielle launched the community reporting project Florida Wonders to answer reader-submitted questions about the Tampa Bay area.

Prior to working at the Times, Gabrielle had stints at the Gainesville Sun and WUFT News (Gainesville’s public media affiliate). She also completed a journalism fellowship in Germany through the RIAS Berlin exchange program in 2018.

Raised in Clearwater, Gabrielle earned her journalism degree from the University of Florida in 2018. When she isn’t poking around in the Times’ archives, she can be found embroidering something or devouring baked goods.