Under the Hood: Re-Imagining Legacy Newsrooms

Presented at ONA17
September 18, 2017
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Our Under the Hood sessions offer a deep dive into bold ideas led by newsrooms of all types.

We've all got big dreams for our newsrooms. Talent and grit matter, but what makes or breaks those dreams is the structure underpinning your newsroom.

In this unconventional format, we’ll start with lightning talks on legacy newsrooms that changed their culture or their structure for better workflow — and happier employees.

From there, you can choose your own adventure: you’ll pick one of the projects that piques your interest, then hear how they reimagined their teams and made it work. This will include some real talk about what wasn’t working, and what strategic choices went into redesigning the newsrooms.

The topics are:

  • Zone 1: WAMU discusses its year-long process to re-envision what it takes for a local public radio station to both grow and support its journalistic goals – Andi McDaniel
  • Zone 2: The Globe and Mail Newsroom was broken; here's how we fixed it! – Angela Pacienza
  • Zone 3: Building a culture of constant learning: NY Times training lessons anyone can use – Eric Athas
  • Zone 4: Revolution or evolution: How should legacy newsrooms tackle change? – Kristen Hare, Kameel Stanley, Robyn Tomlin
  • Zone 5: Inside The Philadelphia Inquirer’s digital transformation – job rotation, skills training and more – Marie Gilot, Burt Herman, Jessica Parks
  • Zone 6: Legacy: 10 ways to walk the digital walk (instead of talk the digital talk) – Teresa Frontado, Samantha Ragland, Tasha Stewart

  • This session is designed for:

  • Executives looking to bring more digital focus to their teams, structures and output
  • Anyone interested in making the case for a more digital-focused newsroom; we'll give you plenty of ammunition!

  • Speakers

    Eric Athas
    Senior Editor, Digital Training, The New York Times
    Marie Gilot
    CUNY J+ Director, CUNY Graduate School of Journalism
    Kristen Hare
    Reporter, The Poynter Institute
    Andi McDaniel
    Chief Content Officer, WAMU
    Jessica Parks
    Senior Editor, Experiments, Philadelphia Media Network
    Kameel Stanley
    Podcast Producer / Host, St. Louis Public Radio
    Robyn Tomlin
    VP/Managing Editor, Dallas Morning News
    Angela Pacienza
    Head of Newsroom Development, The Globe and Mail
    Teresa Frontado
    Digital Director (2016 Knight Wallace Fellow), WLRN
    Burt Herman
    Director of Innovation Projects, Lenfest Institute for Journalism
    Samantha Ragland
    Manager, Digital Entertainment Strategy, The Palm Beach Post
    Tasha Stewart
    Entertainment Editor, WCPO


    Katie Hawkins-Gaar
    Digital Innovation Faculty, The Poynter Institute
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