Tasha Stewart

Senior Manager of Engagement • WCPO-TV • Cincinnati, OH
Last edited February 21, 2019

Tasha has worked as a member of the professional media for 16 years. She began her career on the copy desk at The Detroit News before eventually diving into the digital side of newspapers as an online producer at The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. That’s where she realized that digital news was where she could best learn and thrive. She worked her way up through several digital strategy roles, relying on her passion for storytelling, metrics and audience development, to eventually lead arts and entertainment coverage across all platforms at the Cincinnati Enquirer. Tasha accepted a buyout from the Enquirer in December 2014, seeking a digital-only opportunity. She found that opportunity with WCPO, Cincinnati’s ABC affiliate, as entertainment editor for its digital subscription product pilot. As part of the WCPO Insider team tasked with creating premium local content, Tasha has been able to experiment and innovate through projects such as producing celebrity baseball cards and Cincinnati-themed emojis for the MLB All-Star Game and, more recently, working on a comic journalism feature with WCPO’s editorial cartoonist. When she’s not working, Tasha spends her time watching football and “Scandal,” obsessing over Beyoncé and trying not to lose hours of sleep scrolling Twitter.

Recent Work

Film-friendly Cincinnati Increasingly the Go-To City for Movie Locations

Ohio’s approval of a tax-credit program in 2009 has drawn many film productions to shoot in Cincinnati. I assigned a freelancer to write about some of the most recognizable and frequently used Cincinnati sites that have appeared in movies, the logistical processes involved in shooting on location and the experiences of people who have worked on such location shoots. I set up an in-house JotForm to crowdsource reader memories and photos, which I then shared with the writer. Once she wrote the piece, I edited it and arranged for photo shoots of the locations cited. Then I worked with our developers on the story’s digital presentation, hard-coding photos and producing infographics and maps to highlight details in the feature. I also developed a social media plan that included promoting the story across my station’s own social accounts, asking the subjects of the story to share it across their social accounts, and contacting local and national film-related organizations and asking them to share it. I also asked those groups to include the piece in their subscriber newsletters.

Resources Contributed