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ONA22 Opportunities for Winning Gen Z and Millennial Audiences

Opportunities for Winning Gen Z and Millennial Audiences

  • Najja Parker
  • Allison Shirk
  • Felicia Mello
  • Mary Kelli Palka
  • Moderated by Elite Truong

What do news consumers ages 16 to 40 want? The news habits and attitudes of this age group show opportunities for news organizations to expand and diversify their audiences. A...


Local Journalism: Building a Business of Trust Through Collaboration For a Sustainable Model

  • Paul Cheung
  • Jim Vandehei

In this sampling of Knight Foundation’s Informed & Engaged show, we discuss models for successful approaches to local news and community-serving journalism. These two...


Looking At a Career in Local Broadcast As a Pathway to Digital Success

As legacy print outlets and digital sites struggle in a post-COVID world, TEGNA VP of Digital Content Joanie Vasiliadis and TEGNA Regional Digital Director Jessica Mullins share...


Telling Climate Change Stories That Matter: From Impacts to Solutions

Climate change is the biggest and most under-reported story of our time. It affects our health, safety, and wallets, but most people are unaware of the connections. We discuss...

COVID-19 Misinformation Playbook (2021)

This playbook was last updated in 2021. For the latest version, read our 2023 COVID-19 Misinformation Playbook. In late 2020, a group of reporters and editors from around the...


Bringing Local News Back: Leveraging Independent Content Creators to Help Irrigate News Deserts

  • Vincent Wu
  • Greg Vederman
  • Jamie Burton

Shifting reading habits, social media, and 24-hour cable news have created “news deserts” throughout the country, where local news no longer exists. News Break will be...


Content-Sharing is the Media Industry’s Response to the Sharing Economy

  • Aya Uryu
  • Tony Dearing
  • Joe Amditis

Are you curious about content-sharing, aggregation, or syndication? This session is the perfect opportunity to dive deep with firsthand accounts from two publishers from different ...


How Instagram Fellows Are Helping Transform Local Newsrooms

Meet three young journalists who spent their college break in local newsrooms across the country developing and implementing an Instagram strategy that supports each publisher’s...


How Local Publishers Are Using COVID Grants

  • Emilie Lutostanski

A dynamic panel of local newsroom leaders share actionable insights on how they are using COVID relief grants to catalyze change by Facebook Journalism Project and the Local Media...