Driving Towards Digital Change with Embedded Editors

Presented at ONA20
September 30, 2020
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The Wall Street Journal has created a hub-and-spoke system to help drive towards great journalism. The Journal’s team of strategy editors are embedded with each coverage area but tightly connected with the newsroom’s centralized news strategy. In this session, they will discuss news projects the strategy editors have carried out in the last six months with our coverage editors and how the strategy editors are transforming practices on the ground level around SEO, tagging, visuals and story planning.


Leslie Yazel
Programming Strategy Editor, The Wall Street Journal
Louise Story
Chief News Strategist and Chief Product & Technology Officer, The Wall Street Journal
Becky Bowers
Strategy Editor, The Wall Street Journal
Steve Russolillo
Strategy Editor, The Wall Street Journal
Kevin Dubouis
Strategy Editor, Wall Street Journal
Soph Warnes
Strategy Editor, Wall Street Journal
Chao Li
Strategy Editor, WSJ
Krista Kjellman Schmidt
Strategy Editor, The Wall Street Journal
Anthony DeRosa
Strategy Editor, The Wall Street Journal
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