Cover Your Assets: How Not to Get Hacked and Other Essential Security Tips

Presented at ONA20
September 30, 2020
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With every new tool to help report the news, there may also come new vulnerabilities that foreign actors among others can leverage to sow distrust in journalists, the Internet, and democracy itself. Join seasoned security experts to learn how a new cybersecurity toolkit can help you better manage these risks and reduce the likelihood and impact their exploitation can have on your work and reputation.

This session is designed for:

  • People who think they have an advanced knowledge of cybersecurity, but might not know about new vulnerabilities.
  • Freelance reporters and leaders of small, independent outlets.
  • Journalists who rest heavily on their personal devices to conduct their work.
  • People who work with sensitive data or need to protect vulnerable sources.
  • Anybody interested in keeping a tight grasp of their reputation and want to publish on their own terms.


Megan Stifel
Executive Director -, Americas Global Cyber Alliance
Runa Sandvik
Security Researcher, Freelance
Ahana Datta
Researcher, University College London
Julian Hayda
Newmark Journalist Scholar, Global Cyber Alliance
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