Change Up Your 2016 Election Coverage. Create a Computational Campaign.

Presented at ONA16
September 17, 2016
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Computational journalism — the use of computation to facilitate or even automate reporting, data and display — is showing up in more newsrooms as a highly effective tool. This session digs into three innovative computational tools — along with their challenges and implications — that journalists can play and interact with to cover the 2016 election:

  • Illuminating 2016 is a web-based data visualization tool to help political journalists make sense of what the candidates are saying on social media.
  • The Story Discovery Engine helps investigative reporters accelerate the process of finding new high-impact story ideas on a public affairs beat, including uncovering fraud using campaign finance data;
  • the PollyBot launched in 2016 to automatically generate and publish thousands of written news stories and analyses based on forecasting data from


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