Under the Hood: Connecting Our Polarized Communities

Presented at ONA17
September 18, 2017
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Our Under the Hood sessions offer a deep dive into bold ideas led by newsrooms of all types.

In this unconventional format, you’ll get lightning talks on five projects and studies that are looking at our polarized electorate and are working to bridge the sharp political divide. These projects have taken aim at connecting members of their communities to generate a better collective understanding of the issues, or researching how people consume news.

After the lightning talks, you can choose your own adventure and pick one of the projects that piques your interest for a deeper dive.

Projects include:

  • Zone 1: Crossing the red/blue divide: Lessons from The Evergrey’s cross-community dialogue in rural Oregon – Ben DeJarnette, Monica Guzmán


  • Zone 2: Bursting bubbles with science: Stories that reach across the political divide – Rachel Feltman, Jeffery DelViscio, Blythe Terrell


  • Zone 3: Bridging the gap: How real people define trust and how journalists can earn it – Lisa Heyamoto, Todd Milbourn


  • Zone 4: 100 Days in America: Building audience for pop-up verticals – Tyler Channell, Dana Coester, Annemarie Dooling, Thomas McBee


  • Zone 5: Politics as pop and propaganda: What the data tell us – Sally Lehrman, Sonya Song, Janine Warner

    This session is designed for:

  • Journalists, editors, executives, audience engagement teams and others interested in models of newsgathering that bridge the political divide
  • Anyone interested in research on filter bubbles / how people consume news


Dana Coester
Executive Editor
Ben DeJarnette
Project and Product Manager
Annemarie Dooling
Director of Programming, WSJ
Jeffery DelViscio
Director, Multimedia and Creative
Lisa Heyamoto
Senior Instructor of Journalism
Sally Lehrman
Director, The Trust Project
Todd Milbourn
Instructor of Journalism
Sonya Song
Media Researcher
Janine Warner
ICFJ Knight Fellow and Co-founder of SembraMedia


Headshot for Katie Hawkins-Gaar
Katie Hawkins-Gaar
Writer and Journalism Consultant, Freelance
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