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SMO Is the New SEO

  • Kim Bui

Social Media Optimization may be as important as Search Engine Optimization for content distribution, but far different rules apply. Learn what they are, plus how to drive the...


You Can’t Duck The Math: Entrepreneurial Journalism

Whether you’re planning to strike out on your own or spend your career working for The Woman, everybody must understand the economics of online: the market, the audience, ad vs....


We Know How You Feel: Affective Computing

Imagine being able to detect the emotions your users experience while reading your content, watching a video, or perusing an ad. Or being able to use a PC or Mac that can read...


The Brand Is Dead; Long Live the Brand!

  • Matt Thompson

Until now, news consumers have looked to the identity and authority of brands to filter their news experiences. But today, as social filters separate news products from brands,...


Mini-Law School for Digital Journalists

Join some of the nation’s leading digital media lawyers for a conversation on the law that impacts your professional life. We’ll talk about how the fair use doctrine...


New Platforms for Long-Form Journalism

The Kindle Store, Instapaper, The Atavist, iBooks: The ways we produce and consume long-form journalism are changing. We’ll explain what these new platforms mean for the...


Media, Freedom, and the Web: Knight-Mozilla News Technology Partnership

  • Brian Boyer
  • Al Shaw
  • Moderated by Dan Sinker

Mozilla and the Knight Foundation have partnered on a three-year initiative to bring new forms of technical innovation into newsrooms around the world. Through this program, 15...


Ben Huh, CEO, Cheezburger

Whether or not cats make you LOL, Ben Huh, founder and CEO of Cheezburger, has a fascinating story to tell about how humor, failure, memes and internet culture can make you happy...