Digital Safety Snacks Episode 1: DeDoxing Yourself, Part I

Published June 13, 2022

Episode 1: deDox Yourself Part I (Wait, what info is available about me online?!)

We’ll show you how to find what information is available about you online – before someone else does. We’ll cover: how to Google yourself like a pro (via Google “dorking”), how to see where your images are appearing online (via reverse image search), and how to find out if your private info starts circulating all over the internet (via Google alerts).

This resource is part of the Digital Safety Snacks series.

Next episode: deDox Yourself Part II (Sorry, who’s selling my data for pennies?!)


Jeje Mohamed
Senior Manager for Digital Safety and Free Expression, PEN America
Viktorya Vilk
Program Director, Digital Safety and Free Expression, PEN America
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