The New AI World: How AP Navigated Vendor Selection in an AI-Driven Landscape

Published August 4, 2021

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AI has transformed our ability to improve our content discoverability, therefore deriving deeper insights and increased accuracy. However, not all AI solutions are right for your organization. A thorough analysis of business needs is crucial to identifying your ideal vendor.

The Associated Press is intimately familiar with this, having aligned its decision-making process for vendor selection with the identification of AI-applicable use cases. In this “fireside chat” Heather Edwards, AP Director of Metadata and Data Science joins for an in-depth conversation about how natural language understanding and machine learning will support news content discovery and distribution.

Tune in to gain insight into AP’s selection process as it relates to:

  • Current pain point evaluation
  • Use case assessment and validation
  • Setting the criteria for their AI vendor selection


Heather Edwards
Director, Metadata Technology and Data Sciences, The Associated Press
Ian Cameron
VP of Media and Entertainment,
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