Snapchat. WTF are We Supposed to do With This? – [Unconference]

Presented at ONA15
September 23, 2015
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I’d like to have a lively discussion about Snapchat. Who is using it? How? How do you measure success on Snapchat? 

Staci Baird: Modern journalist. Social Media Strategist for @GlobalPress. Student pilot. I love HTML, margarita’s with a kick, hot yoga & baking. 

The unconference is a chance for conference attendees to propose conversations on topics we may not have covered elsewhere. Topics were pitched here through the first day of the conference, and voting was held on Friday, September 25. Winning sessions held on Saturday, September 26.

Special thanks to TinyLetter for supporting the unconference, and for ensuring we’ll hear from more voices in the programming.

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