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Optimizing for Trust in News

Presented at ONA17
September 18, 2017
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In this lively chat, De Correspondent co-founder Rob Wijnberg and Hearken Founder and CEO Jennifer Brandel will tackle one of the most important challenges for journalism today: building a news organization that restores trust in journalism. We’ll get a close look at two innovative — and very different — models for engaging readers in the news-making process. Plus, we’ll discuss how optimizing for trust in news can inspire your community to become paying members. We’ll have some fresh data and insights to share, so be ready for an action-packed talk!

This session is designed for:

  • Reporters, editors, audience engagement/development teams, and anyone interested in creating a deeper relationship with their community; our conversation will be relevant to newsrooms of all sizes
  • Newsroom leaders and executives seeking inspiration on new models for newsgathering that lead to increased revenue


Rob Wijnberg
Founder / Editor in Chief
Jay Rosen
Professor of Journalism
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