ONA16 Lightning Talks

Presented at ONA16
September 17, 2016
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ONA is hosting another round of community-pitched lightning talks this year, wherein registered conference attendees can present a big idea. But keep it short and sweet — five minutes, to be exact!

Any registered attendee had the opportunity for their pitch to be included, and voting was held on Friday.

Speaker resources:

Video of the session:

Here are the selected sessions:

  • The art and science of originating good story ideas every day
  • Our workflow is generally horrible
  • Journalism is a strategy, not an industry
  • Advice from an old, crusty editor who doesn't smoke cigars (anymore)
  • Is it raccoon cat or cat raccoon? And what to do about it
  • You want people to sign up for your emails?
  • Leave no “@ mention” behind
  • Building a virtual dream team: 19 people, 12 countries, 8 time zones
  • Social Conversation

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