Newsroom Playbook 2: Supporting Journalists of Color

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Tips and Resources

For this conversation, the recording is not available so that participants could ask more open-ended questions. However, the presenters have shared all resources mentioned in their session. You can find the links here:

Recommended reading:

The authors of the Journalists of Color Resource Guide created a presentation specially tailored for managers to better understand how to provide support for journalists of color in their news organizations. Co-authors Lam Thuy Vo and Moiz Syed hosted a conversation on what you can do to improve diversity in hiring practices, encourage career growth and close wage gaps for people of color in your newsroom. They were joined by Tauhid Chappell, Zahra Rasool and Aaron Williams.

The Journalists of Color Resource Guide was written by Lam, Moiz and Disha Raychaudhuri, with support from The News Integrity Initiative at the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY.

ONA is hosting a 3-part series on topics our community has identified as an urgent need: best practices and data for pay-meters, workflows with remote teams, and supporting journalists of color in all areas of their news organizations. The goal of this series is to equip senior managers and executives with new insights on each of these topics, as well as feel comfortable working through the resources to inform and strengthen strategic decisions.

This series has a suggested donation amount of $49 per session, or $149 for the total series. You’ll have the opportunity in the checkout cart to donate. ONA is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Support for this event will be put toward scholarships for ONA20 Everywhere and other programs throughout the year.

Also included in the series are:

  • Newsroom Playbook 1: Best Practices for Converting Paid Subscribers • June 23 • 12-1 p.m EDT
    Learn best practices for converting readers into paying subscribers and limiting dependency on advertisers. Nicco Mele, co-author of the Digital Pay-Meter Playbook and managing director at the Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation will discuss a data-driven approach to crafting your strategy, as well as best practices for measuring engagement within your market. The Digital Pay-Meter Playbook was produced by the Shorenstein Center and Lenfest Institute, and is based on surveys of more than 500 for-profit newsrooms.


Lam Thuy Vo
Senior Reporter, BuzzFeed News
Moiz Syed
News Apps Developer, ProPublica
Tauhid Chappell
Project Manager, Free Press’ News Voices, Free Press
Aaron Williams
Investigative Data Reporter, The Washington Post
Zahra Rasool
Head of AJ Contrast, Al Jazeera Digital