Marian Liu

Travel Operations Editor • The Washington Post • Washington, D.C.
Last edited November 11, 2019

Marian Liu is The Washington Post’s Travel Operations Editor, where she uses real-time analytics and digital journalism to ensure stories are connecting with audiences across the Web for the Post’s new travel destination, By The Way. Previously, she edited and wrote for CNN in Hong Kong, the Sun Sentinel, The Seattle Times, the San Jose Mercury News, the Los Angeles Times, Oakland Tribune, Detroit Free Press and Source Magazine.

She believes in mentoring the next generation of journalists and has served on the board of the Society of Features Journalists, the Asian American Journalists Association and the National Association of Asian American Professionals. She rebooted the South Florida chapter of the Online News Association, and is dedicated to communicating the needs of the communities she represents: young, immigrant and female. For fun, she designs jewelry, plays video games and kick boxes.

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