Elaine Okyere

Assistant Editor, Digital • Sky News • London, UK
Last edited February 28, 2023

Elaine is a confident and hard-working multiplatform digital journalist with more than a decade of newsroom experience. She has worked as a print journalist, TV producer, radio reporter and online journalist. Her work has been nominated for a Bafta and won a Lovie award. She is passionate about digital storytelling and reaching new audiences in fresh and innovative ways. She is currently Assistant Editor, Digital, at Sky News. Previously, she was a news editor in the digital team at UK broadcaster Channel 4 News, where she led the coverage of day to day news on new and emerging social platforms, including TikTok. She also mentors and line manages staff and is really keen on empowering voices in the newsroom who often struggle to get heard, including colleagues from ethnic minority backgrounds, women and staff from lower socio-economic backgrounds.