Cristina Fernández

Digital Content Director • WAPA TV • San Juan, Puerto Rico
Last edited February 28, 2023

Cristina Fernández is a journalist, a media executive, and lawyer who delivers results. Experienced manager with a proven track record of 22 years of professional experience in the communications and news industry in Puerto Rico, continental U.S. and Spain.

Besides creating engaging content for diverse audiences, her experience has afforded her the opportunity to implement and develop many innovative media initiatives for Puerto Rico’s Largest newspaper El Nuevo Día and recently for WAPA TV, the island leading television station. Completed a Law Degree from the University of Puerto Rico’s Law School in 2017. During her career, Cristina have worked in projects that live in the intersection between editorial, commercial and technical departments. Have held different positions in the local chapters of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists and was a member of the editorial team that created the first ever Spanish Stylebook for hispanic journalists working in the US.