ONA Weekly #365: Ask The Right Questions For Your A/B Tests

By on June 23, 2021

The A’s and B’s of asking the right questions

A/B tests and surveys are extremely useful for collecting user feedback. Many newsrooms use A/B testing to gather data on headlines that work—for the Boston Globe, the removal of the word “bad” in one headline led to 12% more clicks. The Huffington Post has used A/B testing to determine where to place social share buttons and Vox used A/B testing on their StoryStream feature, which collects articles on a topic, to distinguish read and unread articles as a method of promoting engagement.

There’s plenty to test. But first, it’s important to make sure you’re asking the right questions and optimizing for the right thing. (In other words: it’s not always about click-through rate.)

Sophie Ho and Angela Wong, who both worked at the Washington Post, led an ONA17 session about how to make the most of A/B testing:

  • Determine the type of data you’re looking for: Are you looking for qualitative (comments, etc) or quantitative feedback (time spent, return visits)? What information is actually useful?
  • Be able to answer the question of who your ideal audience is, what the existing behavior is and what new behavior you’re trying to incentivize. 
  • Make sure you have a hypothesis and are testing that hypothesis, not just collecting information for the sake of it. Make a prediction and see how the data bears that out. 
  • Try the “five whys” method—asking “why” five times will help drill down to a problem’s root cause. For example, “Why would you want to use email?” and then keep asking “why?”
  • Use Optimizely’s sample size calculator to help you figure out how long you’ll need to run your test

Dig deeper: For more on the joys of testing, check out How To Grow Your Reader Revenue by Testing Faster and Better: Lessons from the Facebook Accelerator — one-hour recording from ONA20
Featured experts: Duc Luu, Sonya Quick
Takeaway: Case studies from the Facebook Accelerator’s Membership community show that small publishers can use nimble testing to achieve steady growth without expensive technology.

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