These are difficult times in the world and the digital journalism community is needed more than ever. ONA is offering support to the journalism community among the uncertainty we are all facing.

This page features a selection of new programs we’ve developed, archived resources from ONA and more developed by other journalism-related organizations. We’ll be adding more as they become available. For the status of in-person ONA events, read the latest organizational statement →
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Taking Care of Journalists and Journalism

ONA CEO Irving Washington joined a panel of leaders from top professional journalism organizations on April 8, 2020, in a webinar hosted by the Power Shift Project. Freedom Forum fellow … Read more.

Introducing ONA Community Circles — handpicked connections for meaningful conversations

Navigating hiring freezes. Drawing lessons from previous crisis responses. Sharing strategies for journalism educators and managing learning outcomes from a distance. These are just three of the challenges we are … Read more.

President’s Letter: I’ve never been more grateful for journalism

We are all navigating uncertainty together, both professionally and personally, and those lines are increasingly blurred. I’m still finding my own groove working from home, and making sure my teams … Read more.

The world’s in crisis — here’s what we learned from checking in with the digital journalism community

Given the upheaval caused by the CONVID-19 pandemic, I’ve started every call for the past several weeks with a pointed, “How are you? Really?” I’ve received refreshingly candid answers from … Read more.

Community Circles

The first ONA program tailored to this period of social distancing features a collection of virtual discussion groups that connect and mobilize the digital journalism community. Participation is open to all and sign-ups are open.

Learn more about Community Circles

Featured Funding Opportunities

For additional tools, technology and training help, please see our Industry Directory

COVID-19 Solutions Journalism Grants 

Solutions Journalism Network • Apr. 22, 2020

Facebook Journalism Project COVID-19 Local News Relief Fund 

Facebook Journalism Project • Apr. 7, 2020

Journalism Emergency Relief Fund 

Google News Initiative • Due Apr. 29, 2020

ONA Conference Resources

Coping With The New Normal

It’s impossible to deny that things have changed—a lot. Much of the world’s media is operating from their living rooms, beds and makeshift home offices. Some are still staffing production … Learn about this subject.

Self-Care for Journalists: Unplugging, Mental Health, Meditation and Balance

Few professions are in such need of self-care as journalism, a snake pit of digital over-stimulation, vicarious trauma and financial insecurity. Attend this training and learn how to unplug, check-in, … Learn about this subject.

Digital Forensics: Using Social and Online Tools to Find Great Stories

Notable figures, like all of us, exhibit specific, personalized behavior online, creating internet footprints visible to anyone via ethical and public digital sleuthing. Join this session to learn how to … Learn about this subject.

Bearing Witness: Vicarious Trauma and Living With A PTSD Diagnosis

After years of exposure to graphic imagery, social reporting pioneer Andy Carvin confronted the consequences of his PTSD diagnosis, radically changing how he approached reporting and trained staff. In this … Learn about this subject.

Newsroom Workflow: Tools and Tactics to Simplify and Iterate

Newsrooms large and small are saddled with confusing workarounds, outmoded processes and silos incubating miscommunication. Join this session to acquire tools and tactics to make meaningful change to editorial workflow, … Learn about this subject.

OMGWTFBBQ Breaking News without Breaking Your Team

Your biggest night of the year may be planned, like an awards show or election, or unplanned, like a natural disaster or political scandal. In either case, high-pressure, high-visibility events … Learn about this subject.

Keeping it Together When the Newsroom is Everywhere

Technology is only half the battle in managing a staff and workflow across time zones, languages, physical space and geographic boundaries. We’ll talk with newsroom managers who are successfully working … Learn about this subject.

Coordinating, Verifying and Contextualizing Breaking News Coverage

Disasters, emergencies and other rapidly developing stories require fragmented information flows to be coordinated, verified and contextualized. Join this crucial conversation to learn how news publications, digital platforms and third-party … Learn about this subject.

Additional Resources

COVID-19 coverage and ethics

SciLine COVID-19 live Q&As with scientsts, resources and Expert Matching Service

AAAS SciLine • Ongoing

Climate, Environment Stories Abound in COVID-19 Rescue Bill 

Society of Environmental Journalists • Apr. 8, 2020

County-by-county confirmed U.S. case tracker 

InvestigateTV (Gray Television) • Ongoing

Reporting and COVID-19: A webinar series for journalists 

Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma • Mar. 24–Apr. 30, 2020

Covering COVID-19: Webinars with experts (in English and Spanish, with archives) 

International Center for Journalists • March – April, 2020

Covering coronavirus newsletter 

National Press Club Journalism Institute

The newsroom guide to COVID-19 

News Nerdery Slack • March 2020

Covering coronavirus: an online course for journalists

First Draft • Apr. 1, 2020

RSF launches Tracker 19 to track Covid-19’s impact on press freedom 

Reporters Without Borders • March 31, 2020

How journalists are working together to cover the COVID-19 pandemic 

Center for Cooperative Media • Mar 16, 2020

Covering COVID-19 and the coronavirus: 5 tips from a Harvard epidemiology professor 

Journalist’s Resource • March 6, 2020

Reframe: Reporting on coronavirus 

Resolve Philly • March 2020

Safety Advisory: Covering the coronavirus outbreak 

Committee to Protect Journalists • Feb. 10, 2020


Ways to Uphold Your Diversity and Inclusivity Values During COVID-19 

Source • April 16, 2020

Distributed newsroom playbook 

Fathm, supported by Google News Initiative • April 2020

Self care, mental health and support

How journalists can rethink our relationship with work during a pandemic 


Mental health for journalists and media people webinars 

National Association of Hispanic Journalists

NABJ member check-In 

National Association for Black Journalists

COVID-19 member survey

Native American Journalists Association • March 31, 2020

Pandemic pantry: a list for eating well with humble ingredients 

Tree hugger • March 11, 2020

Teaching remotely

Teaching with Zoom 

Daniela Gerson

Resources for teaching remotely 

Student Press Law Center

Revenue, fundraising and grants

How to minimize the impact of the Covid-19 crisis on your media business 

Media Development Investment Fund

COVID-19 emergency fund for journalists 

National Geographic • Rolling deadline

SAJA-economic hardship project reporting grants to support freelance journalists covering the coronavirus outbreak and its impacts

South Asian Journalists Association • Application deadline April 15, 2020

Journalism Relief Fund 

International Women’s Media Foundation

Rapid response fund to help small, local news organizations worldwide 


COVID-19 webinars and roundtables 

Institute for Nonprofit News

Fund for Investigative Journalism announces coronavirus rolling grant 

Fund for Investigative Journalism • Rolling deadline

The New Mexico Local News Fund is making available emergency grants for journalists impacted by COVID-19 

New Mexico Local News Fund • Rolling deadline

Coronavirus news collaboration challenge 

Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting

Grants for independent writers 


How to manage your local news business in the face of a pandemic 

Local Independent Online News Publishers