Celebrating 20 years of innovation and leadership in digital journalism

The Online News Association was founded in 1999 as a forum for digital news pioneers to collaborate on common challenges and encourage the practice of the highest journalistic standards.

In 2019, we are proud to celebrate 20 years of impact and how ONA has grown to serve a broader, more diverse and inclusive community representing all aspects of the digital journalism industry.

Our community includes journalists, technologists, educators, newsroom leaders and other digital media innovators. We host one of the world’s largest digital journalism conferences, honor excellence through the prestigious Online Journalism Awards and offer industry-leading programs focused on emerging technology, audience development, leadership development, revenue models and innovative news storytelling.

As we reflect on ONA’s defining moments and accomplishments, we are excited to continue our mission to inspire and support innovation and excellence in digital journalism in the years to come. Join the conversation on the hashtag #Happy20thONA.

Showcase in New York City

In honor of 20 years of ONA, we hosted a series of events and special celebration July 23–25 in New York City to showcase of three of our flagship programs: Journalism 360, the Women’s Leadership Accelerator and ONA Local.

Community Celebrations

ONA Local, our global network of volunteer organizers, hosted a variety of networking and training events for their local journalism and technology communities during July 2019 as part of the celebration. Explore upcoming events and connect with a group near you.

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Celebration at ONA19

We were thrilled to continue our 20th anniversary celebration in New Orleans during the 2019 Online News Association Conference, Sept. 12–14. Special programming included the featured session Founders and Firsts: 20 years of ONA, bringing together ONA founders and others who launched key programs for a wide-ranging conversation on digital trends over the years and where journalism is headed next.

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New episodes of ONA on Air

During ONA19, the volunteer audio team will talk to ONA founders, long-time members, conference speakers and attendees, volunteers and staff to gather stories about ONA’s first 20 years and how digital journalism has evolved. Subscribe to the podcast on Soundcloud, Google Play, Apple Podcasts or Stitcher and look for new episodes throughout September and October.

ONA on Air launched in 2018 as a new way for the audio team to highlight key conversations at the annual conference, while showcasing their skills for an audience of peers. Erika Aguilar, Podcast Producer and Anchor at KQED, leads the audio team.

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Our strategic direction

Last year, ONA staff and board members embarked on a multi-phase process to examine ONA’s mission and role in the industry and define our next strategic direction. Many community members contributed perspectives and ideas through focus groups, interviews and surveys. We look forward to sharing the results of this process in the coming months, including our goals and focus areas for the next three years.